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A paperless way of working dawns for Czech water engineering services leader

A paperless way of working dawns for Czech water engineering services leader

About Pavelka – VTP s.r.o.

In business since 1999, Pavelka–VTP is a well-known name in the expert delivery of engineering services in water installation, heat, gas and building services for Czech businesses.

Based in the Zlin Region of the Republic, the 20-person family company operates both locally and in Slovakia, serving over 700 customers. Pavelka – VTP prides itself on its reputation for high-quality, timely installation work delivered by state-of-the-art techniques, full compliance with regulations and alignment with environmental protection law.

Business Challenge

Until recently, the company was servicing clients with the most basic of methods – utilizing older versions of Word, Excel and even, as its CEO Rostislav Pavelka admits, pen and paper.

We definitely had some pain and some issues as a result, CEO Rostislav Pavelka confirms.

There was no central computerized record system and we could end up with very messy and incomplete records. And as we had so few automated workflows, we were not always able to inform customers about their scheduled service visits.

Therefore, the ultimate objective was to end the company’s reliance on time-consuming, unreliable and manual paper workflows.


Pavelka decided to address the situation, engaging with trusted local tech experts CloudForce to bring their growing business into the 21st century.
CloudForce responded to this challenge by moving Pavelka – VTP completely over to cloud via a tightly-integrated combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Office 365, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Flow and the fully customized mobile app from Resco for technicians in the field. The result is a totally digitally transformed way of working with clients.

With everything now tied together in the central Microsoft Dynamics Pavelka – VTP Customer Relationship Management system, business rules fire up to schedule the next needed visit automatically.

Our engineers get detailed job specifications and guidance for every visit right into their Outlook, while for management Power BI is starting to generate full and richly-detailed reports about the true stats of our business whenever we need them, explained Rostislav Pavelka, CEO of Pavelka – VTP.

And when we go to a customer site all the information both parties need is available via the Resco app on the engineer’s iPad, and all the documentation is saved securely and automatically after the service visit in our internal system, Pavelka continued.

The job information collected by the company’s engineers also contains any relevant imagery of all tested devices, which means that a complete service history is always available to both technicians in the field and staff in the back office.


Paper forms and spreadsheets eliminated

Utilizing a solution built on technology from Microsoft and Resco allowed Pavelka – VTP to completely get rid the paper forms, spreadsheets and manuals.

Automated sending out of service notifications is saving a lot of company time, while customers say they are happier because they don’t have to store any paper documents as a result, confirmed Rostislav Pavelka.

All information at field engineers’ fingertips

The company’s constantly moving field engineer’s now carry iPads with the Resco application installed. It enables them to arrive at the customer’s site armed with all the information they need to provide a complete service. And not just from a technical standpoint. The app provides them from detailed job specifications and manuals to customer background insights, as well as an easy way to secure digital bill sign off. Additionally, all information – whether collected in the field or processed at the back office – is saved securely in the system.

Saving resources & improved planning

The solution has made our company even more competitive, as we are more flexible and this technology is saving so much of our time and resources, Rostislav Pavelka, CEO of Pavelka – VTP summarized.

Additionally Pavelka also thinks future use of related analytics and data visualization will be highly useful to business planning and will help them to make the right choices moving forward.


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