Case study
Hope Cement Factory in the Peak District National Park

Breedon Hope Cement Works transforms its inspection process with Resco Inspections+

Offline data collection


Integration with Microsoft business suite and SAP


Elimination of repetitive paperwork


“HG Technology successfully implemented a beneficial inspection software for Breedon Cement Works. After piloting the Resco Inspections+ software internally, HG Technology worked closely with Breedon to implement a system that is secure, time-saving, cloud-based, and user-friendly. To further develop the system, HG Technology integrated it with a range of other platforms, such as SharePoint, Power BI, and SAP.

Inspections are now conducted via users’ mobile devices, with and without internet access, and digital copies of all inspections are extracted and stored with the use of Power Automate. Overall, not only does the system save us valuable time, digital inspections are generated, and fewer apps are used day-to-day.”

Stephen Kearsey, Senior Process Engineer

Breedon are the leading construction material manufacturer in the UK and Ireland. Breedon’s largest Cement Factory, Hope Works, have a capacity to produce up to 1.5mT of cement each year, with over 3,000 pieces of plant equipment to inspect across 6 inspection teams.

Prior to digitizing their inspections, Breedon Hope Works were conducting routine inspections of the cement plants using pen and paper. This presented numerous issues, such as losing inspections, lack of auditing, and time-consuming writeups.

Hope Works initially engaged with Resco Inspections+ in 2020, creating some basic questionnaires which they trialled internally. The pilot project showed the potential for Hope Works to have a system that allowed users to conduct inspections on their mobile device, which would then be collated and stored on the cloud for later review.

Breedon decided that Resco Inspections+ was a good fit for their business, however due to time constraints and limited IT capabilities were unsure on the possibility of full implementation. Breedon therefore reached out for a partner to help with the implementation of the system and were put in touch with HG Technology, the utilizing an implementation partner made the transition much smoother and quicker.

The ongoing implementation currently allows Breedon to conduct routine inspections, both on and offline. The system has been integrated with the Microsoft suite and SAP which has allowed HG Technology to pull through relevant equipment data, export completed inspections and present data using Power BI dashboards.

Thanks to Resco Inspections+, Hope Works’ inspectors no longer have to carry multiple pieces of paper, worry about losing paper copies, have no need to manually notify their area managers of issues and faults, and so much more. Resco Inspections+ allows routine inspections to be conducted easily and efficiently on a device they always have at hand.


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