Resco Most Valuable Professionals

Resco Most Valuable Professionals

Recognizing experts sharing knowledge across technology communities

Photo of Kai Pautch
Kai Pautsch

Presales Consultant at ORBIS SE


Photo of Sven Lange
Sven Lange

Industry Experience Lead in ASG at Avanade


Photo of Bill Rollinger
Bill Rollinger

COO at H1

United States

Photo of Ken Ehn
Ken Ehn

Senior D365 Cloud Application Architect at Betach Solutions


Photo of Tom Moortgat
Tom Moortgat

Fearless Leader Manager at CEGEKA


Photo of Veerle Verbruggen
Veerle Verbruggen

Analyst Developer at NORRIQ


Photo of Yuichiro Osumi
Yuichiro Osumi

Lead Engineer at Hitachi Solutions


Photo of Ope Okupe
Ope Okupe

Principal Consultant & Founder at Necessidad Consulting

United Kingdom

Photo of Jonathan Taub
Jonathan Taub

President at FIELDBOSS


Steffen Hackmann Resco MVP
Steffen Hackmann

Team Lead MS Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform at TSO DATA


Nicole Zabel Resco MVP
Nicole Zabel

Software Developer at WennSoft

United States

Jens Grambau

Founder and CRM Consultant at JEHARO


Jeremy Higgins

Owner & Founder at H1

United States

Torsten Harden

Senior Solution Architect at OmniVision


Questions & Answers

What does it mean to be Resco MVP?

This award recognizes your exceptional expertise, leadership, and commitment to solving business and technological challenges in your field. By sharing your knowledge and skills, you inspire others to advance the mobility industry and positively impact frontline workers. Resco MVP is committed to helping the world work better outside the office.

What are the benefits of being a Resco MVP?
  • Insight into Resco strategy and roadmap
  • Support when preparing conference talks, trade show materials, or webinars about Resco
  • Priority access to pre-sales and tech consultations
  • Invitation to exclusive Resco events and individual meet-ups with our experts at Bratislava HQ
  • Exposure on Resco marketing channels
  • Annual recognition in the partner community
  • Access to speaking engagements
  • Collaboration with resco.Labs innovation hub
What are the requirements of being a Resco MVP?
  • Criteria and requirements for our MVP program are based on a comprehensive approach. Regardless if you’re a recognized speaker, a technical expert and innovator, a recognized advocate on social media among your community, or have a unique way of sharing your knowledge and skills you can become an MVP.
  • The most important aspect is how actively you advocate for Resco solutions and educate the market on the benefits of our technology. We also consider your involvement in events, activity on social media, content creation, quality, and willingness to provide feedback.
  • True Resco MVP is an individual who goes above and beyond what is expected of them and positively influences the community.
How does one become an MVP?
  • You can nominate anyone you believe fits the requirements and submit your own name as well!
  • Once the nomination is submitted, it will be reviewed internally, and we will reach out to the candidate with information about the next steps.
  • You can send the nomination to this e-mail address: Nomination should include the candidate’s name, role, company, industry expertise, and the reasons why they should become MVP.

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