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No matter what your role is, Resco Academy provides bite-sized information about the benefits of the Resco portfolio, guides you through the essentials and helps to level up your practical skills.


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Explore what sets Resco apart from competitors, get familiar with Resco Architecture, our tools, and learn how to take advantage of Resco’s multiple features. After theory, you can jump on the hands-on exercises and explore Resco technology at your own pace.



If you would like to obtain official recognition of your skills – enroll and pass one of our certification tests and become officially certified.


Designed for all users who are just starting with Resco and would like to gain a solid basis of skills and knowledge. No prior experience with Resco Technology is required.


  • Learning Path to shorten your onboarding
  • comprehensive overview for beginners
  • gain basic customization skills


Resco Portfolio, Introduction to Resco Cloud, Introduction to Resco Architecture, Woodford Basics (or Woodford Basics for Salesforce), Resco Inspections, User Interface


Designed for those who would like to take their technical skills to the next level and design customized solutions. It includes but is not limited to customized reports (invoices, guides), configuration of the advanced business rules, efficient initial setting of synchronization filters, and resolving the most common logs. Resco Essentials Certification is required.


  • Learning Path for advanced customization
  • speed up the implementation of your solution
  • improve the first level of support


Report Designer, Business Logic, Synchronization and Synchronization Dashboard, Logs and Troubleshooting

Resco certification is free of charge. Certification is issued to the individual. If you would like to ask any questions or consult your Learning Path, contact us at academy@resco.net

I’m only familiar with the Mobile Sales app so it was great to learn about the other products Resco offers in more detail. 

Veerle Verbruggen
Technical Consultant, NORRIQ

I liked the lucidity and clarity of the courses.

Aseem Swain
Business Analyst, OSI

The Resco portfolio section of this course was great, it gave some great insights into all of Resco’s features.

Nathan Blomfield
Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Functional Consultant, Fusion5

A test that quickly shows where are the gaps in my knowledge.

Janko Svetlik
Software Engineering Associate Manager, Accenture

I would definitely recommend Resco Academy for knowledge resource over anything else, it’s good to have a place where content is directly aimed at us; Consultant/delivery etc.

Harriet Higham
Functional Consultant, Snowden Consulting (SNCL)

A lot of possible customizations on Woodford and general overviews of other Resco products are precious and used during projects or commercial proposals. 

Alessandro Prandini
Senior Consultant, Engineering 365

Now I have the knowledge about the full range of Resco products and can react better to requests from customers and consult them in the best way if there are questions raised like why we should use a mobile app, which one we should use, what are the configuration options, etc.

Jens Grambau
Dynamics 365CE Sub Offering Lead, Avanade

The courses are giving a comprehensive overview of the Resco architecture…I would expect that even experienced Resco consultants will learn some new aspects of Resco technology.

Torsten Harden
Senior Solution Architect, Sycor

I liked the hints and the detailed solution part. I can try it myself, and if I am stuck, the detailed guide shows me how to complete the exercise.

Michal Foltin
Dynamics 365 Developer, Accenture

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