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Explore what sets Resco apart from competitors, get familiar with Resco Architecture, our tools, and learn how to take advantage of Resco’s multiple features. After theory, you can jump on the hands-on exercises and explore Resco technology at your own pace.

  • Introduction to Resco JavaScript Bridge

    This course explains the importance of offline HTML content in your app projects and introduces Resco JavaScript Bridge. Learn also about our recommendations for editors and tools, as well as dos and don’ts when creating your first code.

    Resco Portfolio

    Get familiar with the Resco Portfolio. Learn how to speak Resco’s language and gain knowledge about the key concepts of Woodford, our customization tool, and all of our products. And as a cherry on top, we will introduce you to our wearables.

    Introduction to Resco Architecture

    This course serves as a basic introduction to the world of Resco technology. It starts by explaining the terms and concepts we use, then presents the building blocks used in Resco solutions, and introduces Resco apps and tools, as well as their roles.

    Woodford Basics

    This course will guide you through the first steps of exploring Woodford – the configuration & management tool of your Resco solution. After finishing this course, you will be able to create a mobile app in Woodford.
  • Resco Inspections

    This course provides an introduction to Resco Inspections, covering app project setup, questionnaire creation, advanced features of the Questionnaire Designer. Get familiar with tools like Report Designer, Schedule Board, Results Viewer & Automatic Dashboards.

    Introduction to Resco Cloud

    This course helps you to understand the basics of Resco Cloud and CRMs in general. Learn how to navigate in various user interfaces and apps provided by Resco and fully comprehend Resco data and security model.

    User Interface

    Architecture and functionality are the alpha and omega of any product, including mobile software. However, it is the design and overall look and feel that drives user engagement. In this course, we will guide you through the process of changing the theme, configuring the layouts of views and forms, and applying your own custom styles.

    Business Logic

    Automate your processes and workflows with rules – scripts that you don’t have to code. This course is dedicated to the rules that can be placed on multiple UI components. It guides you through the different possibilities that our rule engine offers and provides a handful of examples which you can try on your own.
  • Synchronization and Sync Dashboard

    The offline mode is an important feature of the Resco platform and understanding synchronization is the crucial point that differentiates an average Woodford administrator from an expert.

    Report Designer

    Learn more about the concepts necessary for understanding reports on mobile devices. This course guides you through the whole process of creating your first report, including advanced options for customization.

    Logs and Troubleshooting

    Providing fast support to users is one of the key steps to boost the user acceptance of Resco mobile apps. This is where this course will be helpful.

    How to download and set-up Resco

    Step-by-step instructions on how to download and start testing our products. The main focus is on how to start a free trial, how to integrate Resco with different backends, and how to download Resco Mobile Apps.
  • Resco Field Service 2.0

    This course gives you an overview of Resco Field Service 2.0 solution for the Microsoft Dynamics backend, walks you through the product’s features, and relevant case studies. Resco Field Service 2.0 roadmap and links to more resources are provided at the end of this course.

    Benefit from Resco partnership

    In this course, we take you through all stages of partnerships with Resco and introduce you to all the different types of support you can benefit from. Find out more about partner program benefits, strategies, trainings, and marketing exposure.

    Fiddler Classic

    Discover the power of Fiddler Classic, a fast and efficient tool that helps you analyze network traffic and troubleshoot problems related to synchronization or data availability in your solutions. We have provided a short introduction followed by practical tips and tricks.


    In this comprehensive course, you will be guided through the initial setup of Resco Guides on different backends, learn practical techniques for creating new guides, and gain valuable insights into data structure.


If you would like to obtain official recognition of your skills – enroll and pass one of our certification tests and become officially certified.


Designed for all users who are just starting with Resco and would like to gain a solid basis of skills and knowledge. No prior experience with Resco Technology is required.


  • Learning Path to shorten your onboarding
  • comprehensive overview for beginners
  • gain basic customization skills


Resco Portfolio, Introduction to Resco Cloud, Introduction to Resco Architecture, Woodford Basics (or Woodford Basics for Salesforce), Resco Inspections, User Interface


Designed for those who would like to take their technical skills to the next level and design customized solutions. It includes but is not limited to customized reports (invoices, guides), configuration of the advanced business rules, efficient initial setting of synchronization filters, and resolving the most common logs. Resco Essentials Certification is required.


  • Learning Path for advanced customization
  • speed up the implementation of your solution
  • improve the first level of support


Report Designer, Business Logic, Synchronization and Synchronization Dashboard, Logs and Troubleshooting

Resco certification is free of charge. Certification is issued to the individual. If you would like to ask any questions or consult your Learning Path, contact us at academy@resco.net


I’m only familiar with the Mobile Sales app so it was great to learn about the other products Resco offers in more detail. Veerle Verbruggen NORRIQ
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The courses are giving a comprehensive overview of the Resco architecture…I would expect that even experienced Resco consultants will learn some new aspects of Resco technology. Torsten Harden OmniVision GmbH
I liked the hints and the detailed solution part. I can try it myself, and if I am stuck, the detailed guide shows me how to complete the exercise. Michal Foltin Accenture

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