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No matter what your role is, Resco Academy provides bite-sized information about the benefits of the Resco portfolio, guides you through the essentials and helps to level up your practical skills.


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Explore what sets Resco apart from competitors, including features and benefits that attract customers. Here, you can also find a brief introduction to partner collaboration.


Resco Introduction

Get to know our Resco story, who stands behind the scene, who are our partners and customers – the most important elements that shape our technology. Get a glimpse of the future with our vision for 2022 and see the new shiny features and products we have prepared for you.


Resco Portfolio

Get familiar with Resco Portfolio. Learn how to speak the Resco language and gain knowledge about the key concept of Woodford customization tool and all of our products. And as a cherry on a top, we will introduce you to our wearables.


Partnership Introduction

In this course, we take you through all stages of partnership with Resco and we introduce you to all the different types of support you can benefit from. Find out more about partner program benefits, strategies, training or marketing exposure.

Understand the tech behind the Resco platform

Let us introduce you to Resco’s architecture, get familiar with our tools and learn how to take advantage of Resco’s multiple features. After theory, you can jump on the hands-on exercises and explore Resco technology at your own pace.


Introduction to Resco Architecture

This course serves as a basic introduction to the world of Resco technology. It starts by explaining the terms and concepts that we are using, presents the building blocks used in Resco solutions, and introduces Resco apps and tools and their role.


Woodford Basics

This course will guide you through the first steps of exploring Woodford – the configuration & management tool of your Resco solution. After finishing this course, you will be able to create a mobile app in Woodford.


Resco Inspections

This course describes the tools and processes used in the Resco Inspections solution.


“The courses are giving a comprehensive overview of the Resco architecture…I would expect that even experienced Resco consultants will learn some new aspects of Resco technology.”

Torsten Harden, Sycor

“For new developers it is a really good training material and HOW TO guide.”

Ondrej, Accenture


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Resco certification is free of charge. Certification is issued to the individual person and valid for one year. After that you will be asked to take a re-certification test.

We encourage you to start with the courses that belong to the Resco Essentials Certificate where no prior technical experience is required.

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  • Prove your Resco know-how by getting Resco certified


  • Standardize the knowledge level of your employees and consistency in the content delivery
  • Eliminate employees’ knowledge and skill gap
  • Support efficient implementation of Resco technology
  • Reduce training costs
  • Demonstrate your proficiency by building your own team of Resco certified professionals

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