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Some of our customers



Rakesh Gupta
“Resco’s mobile app not only brings the full offline capability to Salesforce users and their data. But, the app is fully integrated with Salesforce! It allows your Operations/Field Service teams to be in a remote location and still be productive.”

Rakesh Gupta, Salesforce MVP & community influencer

Elise Rabouam
“As a Salesforce consultant, I find it easier to fulfil my client’s needs thanks to the Resco technology. Configuration and overall usage is very intuitive. Resco’s support team is extremely responsive. I would definitely recommend Resco.”

Elise Rabouam, Salesforce consultant at Synefo

“Most of our employees use Salesforce behind their office desks. However, a team of sales directors is always on the move. Resco Mobile CRM integrates with Salesforce smoothly & lets its users be 100% productive. Each field user now has a 360° overview of contacts, business opportunities, and events that can be managed freely with a few swipes.”

Marie-Hélène VERDIER, Adviso Partners

John Mahoney
“Resco Mobile CRM is an enterprise grade mobile App with true offline capability. The configuration capability makes it extremely easy to use and powerful at the same time. Finally the default to the app in the MS-Dynamics world has come to Salesforce. Together they give users unprecedented ease of use and huge capability without having to employ a team of developers.”

John Mahoney, Head of Sales and Marketing at Consleague

Martin Humpolec
“When testing Resco, we liked how flexible it is and lets you work offline with no limits. Plus, with Resco you are able to define different form and list view layouts compared to the full client. It is awesome how much you can develop and customize on the mobile device, which also means that some small changes you need to do on two places – in Salesforce and in Resco Mobile CRM. Which is small price to pay for the flexibility you have.”

Martin Humpolec, Salesforce Senior Consultant at PwC

“We absolutely love the app! We are just wondering how we managed without it. We use Resco with Salesforce to track the progress of orphans and those in need – so that sponsors are able to see information and pictures of the children they support. Resco has made job in the field so much easier.”

ALAN WENT, Managing Director at Love in Action, a charity organization that provides support, education and care for orphans and families in need in Uganda

We understand mobility.

As one of the leading providers of business mobile solutions, we are committed to providing our clients with the simplicity and flexibility in customer and team management. Here is why Resco has gained trust of more than 2,500 corporate clients from more than 100 countries:


All in one solution

All your out of office operations made easy, no matter the use case. Reach all of your Salesforce data anywhere, on desktop, tablet or phone.


100% offline

Work anywhere without boundaries. Generate a quote, or even get a deal signed with no Internet connectivity.


Fully customizable

Make the app truly yours. Extend the product with custom objects and personalized branding.


Works with every license

Integrate the app into your Salesforce ecosystem, whichever license you use (including Salesforce Essentials, Group, Community license and much more).

Ready-to-use products designed
for Salesforce

Mobile Sales

Give your sales team the all-in-one mobile tool they didn’t know they wanted. Like a swiss army knife, Resco's application is packed with everything they might need when on the go: calendars, activities, presentations, communication tracking, direct order creation, electronic signatures and much more.

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Field Service

Create a schedule for your field workers with ease and notify them instantly. Give your team a step-by-step guide for repairs used on-site, and ensure the task gets done properly and fast. Include any photo documentation, edit pictures, document what the problem was and what’s been fixed.

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Create, assign, complete and evaluate field inspections with ease. Set up unique questionnaires, checklists, and even to-do lists. Assign them to your staff in the field and give the tool to complete inspections effectively. Analyze collected data afterwards.

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Vertical Solutions for any industry

Compliment your Salesforce desktop solution with a powerful mobile app tailored to fit your business requirements. Delivering an industry-specific user experience and performance is a must-have for every Salesforce user. Visit our partner marketplace and discover Resco’s line-of-business solutions for manufacturing, healthcare, retail, IT, and more.

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Top features

Mobile Audit

Analyze to what extent, how exactly, when and by whom is the app used.

Device Security

Protect your company from losing confidential corporate & customer data.

Multimedia management

Enrich your data with visuals and capture & work with rich media on spot.

Offline reports & invoices

Generate a report and invoice or work with knowledge base articles while on the go.