Customize the mobile app for every need

Learn just how versatile Resco’s products are, firsthand. Take control and add custom objects, configure the look & feel, manage licenses and more.

…we later discovered the full potential of Resco Mobile CRM with their Woodford Customization tool. Soon after that, we began to customize into great lengths. Which was key for us and our sales representatives to be fully-equipped in the field. Matt Johnson, Head of CRM Development Merial

How do we ensure our products adapt to your needs?

Meet Woodford, our administration and customization tool.

woodford animation

In Woodford, you can create multiple customizations for your app and change it’s look and even function. You decide what components are used and how they look and work, which enables you to create just the app you need. Next time the device connects to the Internet, the app downloads and applies the published changes. Woodford also lets you oversee all devices the app is installed on.

What is Woodford capable of?


Tailor the app to your needs

Add custom entities and fields to your app. Adjust the UI by designing your own views and forms. Configure dashboards and graphs, or even change the business logic of the app.

Easy work & publishing

Easy work & publishing

A intuitive interface lets you work on your solution with no programming skills required. When you are ready, you can publish all your changes with just one click to all types of mobile devices at once.


Improve user acquisition

Add custom color scheme and your logo and make the app feel truly yours. You can also localize it to any of 45 languages. Give your end users exactly the tools they need by creating different versions of the app for different roles.

Manage security

Manage security

Set up your own security policy and never worry about breaches again. You can also monitor the devices and if necessary, you can remotely wipe out app data from them.


  • Configurable dashboards

    Display data, records, or custom content you need to access the most

    Custom forms and views

    Create, modify and delete records, access the data layer, configuration, metadata, GPS position and more

  • Branding options

    Add your own color theme, logo and even icons and transform the UI to your liking

    Color coding

    Use rules to color-code hot leads, activities, overdue invoices and more

  • Extend usage with iframes and offline HTML

    Plug in your website, case studies, do an automatic google search on your prospects or include presentations of your offering

    Replace the whole interface

    Perfect for external users. With the help of offline HTML, you can quickly create something you have never seen before.

Where do I start?

Download your trial copy of Woodford and start customizing.