Resco Awards

Resco Awards recognize companies and individuals that consistently deliver excellent work in implementing Resco technology and helping clients around the world transform their business with mobility.

Resco Partner of the Year award

Top-performing Resco partners

Partner of the Year

Partner of the Year Award recognizes top-performing Resco partners, considering the number and size of successfully implemented Resco projects, with high emphasis placed on customer satisfaction.

This year, four companies around the world (FIELDBOSS, NORRIQ, H1, Hitachi Solutions) won in this category.

Business transformation & innovation partner award

Business Impact of the Year

This award recognizes the impact of a strong partnership between a partner and their client, who they helped transform their business. In this award category, Resco partners submitted their customer projects. These submissions showed how they built solutions that fundamentally improved the way their clients do business.

WennSoft won in this category in 2023.

Resco Business Impact of the Year awards
Resco Breakthrough Partner of the Year award

Outstanding partnership growth award

Breakthrough Partner of the Year

This award recognized a partner that emerged and expanded their partnership with Resco over the last year – recognizing successful customer projects, remarkable business growth and exceptional customer satisfaction. Certifications completed in Resco Academy and the demonstrated expertise were also important factors.

Evidi won in this category in 2023.

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