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Love in Action dedicates more time & money to orphans and those in need thanks to Resco

Love in Action dedicates more time & money to orphans and those in need thanks to Resco

About Love in Action

Love in Action is a charity organization based in Masaka, Uganda. The main aim of its 60 employees is to provide support, education and care to orphans and local families in need, often affected by diseases like HIV/AIDS.

With the help of sponsors and donations, the organization managed to set up and run a nursery school for over three hundred students, a secondary school with a hundred children, a medical clinic and a farm in the forest near Lake Victoria in Uganda.

Mobile solutions for NGOs

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Business Challenge

A number of social workers at Love in Action regularly visit the orphaned children to learn about the stage of their progress – with regards to education or the recovery process from physical or psychological abuse. The meetings with the children often happen in the areas with no or limited access to the Internet – close to the forest. Seven of the Love in Action staff members utilize Salesforce to maintain records of sponsors and clients. Through the Salesforce Community Cloud, sponsors are able to see all written and visual documentation and up-to-date data of the children they financially support.

We needed a system that would allow our team to enter Salesforce data in the forest, where the Internet is very poor. The main reason why we started seeking a mobile solution is that we wanted to be able to spend more time in the field with children and less time at the office, where the Internet is also slow. described Alan Went, Managing Director at Love in Action


As a Salesforce user, Love in Action regularly visits Salesforce conferences, and this is how they ran into Resco’s mobility gurus. Even during the trial period, the social work team became depended on the application.

I appreciate how easy it was to configure Resco with the web-based configurator Woodford. The option to set up different forms & views for different users is a huge benefit for me. Now, Resco enables our field workers to get all the work done on iPads – to record information immediately rather than writing and transcribing only when back at the office. Behind the office desks, they also use the Resco app on their PC’s, with no connection at all even for days. Alan continues

At the clinic, nurses too, record details of children visit on their iPads and then synchronize once per day. The school bursar has an iPad to record children’s details, as well. Another deal maker when considering a field solution especially suitable to NGOs is that Resco smoothly works also on all platforms and devices (even the slightly outdated ones like iPad2) – so the organization does not need the latest, fastest and often the more expensive equipment.


Resco has made my job so much easier, I can see which children I need to talk to wherever I am. Previously I would have to make a list at the office beforehand. My work was completely jeopardized when I found out that I’d left the list at the office. The same happened, when I had extra time in the field, but would not have the detailed information about the kids, and hence did not know who to visit next. Now I can see more children in a day and update their records more efficiently. Susan Mayiga, Lead Social Worker at Love in Action

Thanks to the ability to enter, view and edit Salesforce data in a deep forest and app’s easy configuration, Love in Action would definitely recommend Resco to any non-profit organization facing similar issues.

More time with children

It is no news; modern mobile technologies save time. In the non-profit sector, time is the ever-important variable, since most of it should be dedicated to those in need. Spending less time at the office, being able to share up-to-date information with sponsors accordingly via Resco, the social work team can easily look back on the previous records while in the field.

Money that goes to children instead of robust technologies

As with every charity, Love in Action’s yearly budget is precious and limited. The discovery of Resco mobile application was a great relief, also because of saved time and resources. Now, the organization can spend a majority of its budget to actually help people in Uganda instead of investing extra money in heavy custom development or a myriad of Salesforce 3rd party apps. Resco has all of that covered.

What does the future hold?

Thanks to Resco, we will be able to develop a system for recording payments at the school which previously had proved to be ineffective due to connectivity problems with Salesforce. Alan reveals


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Mobile solutions for NGOs

Support your activities with easily deployable & customizable apps. Including surveys, reports, and checklists.