Case study
Traditional Belgian brewery approaches more customers in a targeted way

Traditional Belgian brewery approaches more customers in a targeted way

About Het Anker N.V.

Het Anker is a family business that started brewing beer in the Great Beguinage in Mechelen five generations ago. Over the years, it has developed into an internationally renowned brewery. With one of the oldest breweries in Belgium (originally built in 1471) the company’s offering have preserved the authenticity of those bygone times to the present day.

Over the years, Het Anker has gained international reputation and currently exports its products to more than 40 countries. The beers have earned worldwide praise and the brewery has also received numerous international awards. In 2010 Het Anker also transformed their 17th-century family farm in Blaasveld into a whisky distillery and began producing the Gouden Carolus Single Malt whisky.

Business Challenge

For Het Anker, the challenge is to profitably grow its international business. FMCG is an extremely competitive sector, yet offers extensive opportunities with large number of customers to be served (restaurants, pubs, cafes, hotels and many others).

The company wanted to maximize the services sales reps can provide to existing customers during visits. Furthermore, they were hoping that having critical business information available at all times would also simplify attracting new customers. Which in turn would help the sales team to reach the targeted growth objectives.

Het Anker also expressed the need for higher data quality from their staff in the field. For that however, they needed to provide them with a tool for better account, complaint, appointment and assortment management on the go.


After conducting a thorough research on available solutions, Het Anker has chosen FMCG365 by Resco partner, Cegeka. The solution combines a fully customizable mobile app by Resco with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The application is fully compatible also with Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016. Therefore, Cegeka can deliver mobility for any CRM deployment. Fully functional both online and offline.

FMCG365 is a vertical solution developed specifically for the FMCG market. Therefore, it required only drag-and-drop configuration to fit Het Anker’s needs.

Using the Resco mobile app Het Anker’s sales reps now have an efficient way to collect, manage and share essential business data. And managers back in the office can work with the latest, up-to-the-minute information.


Quick implementation process

Efficient implementation and customization were one of the most important requirements. The FMCG365 solution required only drag & drop customizations to meet the challenges Het Anker was facing. Using Resco’s Woodford configuration tool Cegeka was able to significantly cut down the time and effort needed to deliver the project. All changes made to the mobile app were available across iOS, Android, and Windows immediately. The complete implementation process – from initial requirements analysis to company-wide launch of the solution – took just under 3 months.

Improved data quality and deeper customer understanding

Resco’s app allows for uniform and more efficient way of working in the field. With its clear-cut interface, requiring just minimal user training, field reps can instantly capture relevant information on their iOS and Android devices. And offer customer service tailored specifically to each client. To Het Anker it provides consistent business insights into their entire organization. Resulting in better understanding of customers and the ability to anticipate their needs.

Increased customer visits and scalability

Het Anker sales representative utilize the app for account management, appointment and complaint handling, and store and assortment checks on the go. That frees up time and enables reps to visit more customers and work with them in a more closely. On average, each sales rep is able to complete 1 to 2 additional customer visits per day.

FMCG365 also allows to quickly incorporate additional functionality, so companies can easily use new capabilities whenever required. And Het Anker is already planning to extend their usage of the solution.

Any initial hesitation there may have been among our staff, quickly turned into enthusiasm. Even the most experienced members of our sales team recognize how FMCG 365 simplifies their work. And they even suggested other important aspects that would be useful to add in the future, Hans Rubens, Commercial Director at Het Anker, summed up.


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