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Delivering sustainable growth with enterprise mobility

Delivering sustainable growth with enterprise mobility

About Admiral Dynamics

Admiral Dynamics has a long-standing history in marketing, sales & service automation processes. As a trusted enterprise systems implementation partner it understands that insight in customer experience, use of intelligence, and leveraging appropriate operational tools helps to drive long-term, sustainable goals of any organization.

Established in 2009 in Belgium, Admiral Dynamics has developed a ‘Maturity Model’ to determine at what level organizations are operating. Depending on the outcome, they can then guide and support clients to improve market attraction rate and increase the speed of acquiring new business. Ultimately, helping them to achieve sustainable growth through the use of adequate operational tools that ‘do what they need to do’.

At the end of 2018, Admiral Dynamics also acquired Innito, Slovenia’s leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation partner, expanding its geographic footprint into new European markets.

Business Challenge

Admiral Dynamics wanted to make sure they offer a complete range of solutions for digital transformation to their clients. That meant they were looking for a reliable partner that would supply them with state-of-the-art mobile technology.

At the time, we needed a mobile solution that we could implement primarily with Dynamics CRM in sales use cases – for sales teams on an international level. The projects we work on often revolve around lead generation and sales funnel management. And efficient lead collection on the go plays a huge part. But on top of that, we were also looking at other processes that could benefit from the addition of mobility, described Laurent Van Aert, Business Development Manager at Admiral Dynamics.


After thoroughly researching mobility vendors that would meet their criteria, Admiral Dynamics chose to partner with Resco.

When engaging in a partnership you consider several crucial elements: technology maturity, support model, references, innovation, and of course competitive advantage. Teaming up with Resco delivered on all these aspects, Laurent added.

Resco offered a mobile app and configuration tool that fitted perfectly into Admiral Dynamics solution delivery model. The fact that Resco offers mobile solutions which truly work in an offline mode, was also essential in Admiral Dynamics’ decision.

It is an important factor which convinces many of our leads and prospects, confirmed Laurent Van Aert. And another aspect that made deciding easy, was the user-friendliness and extensive personalization capabilities. Plus, Resco works smoothly across all Dynamics CRM versions, from 2011 higher, and with Dynamics 365 too.


A complete solution for client’s mobility needs

We are an organization which supports companies tackling the digital challenges at hand. In this context, we need to have the right offering of digital tools. Resco provides us a complete and competitive set for enterprise mobility. We have implemented Resco-based solutions mainly for sales and related lead generation processes. However, Resco offers far more solutions these days. Such as Resco Inspections, a solution we have successfully implemented in complex field inspection cases, added Laurent Van Aert, Admiral Dynamics’ Business Development Manager.

Full-fledged offline mode

With business data always on their phones or tablets, representatives can better interact with customers during visits. The Resco app allows them to have all the information available even without Internet connection. Enabling exceptional customer service and eliminating the “I’m not sure, but I’ll get back to you when I return to the office,” answers.

Configuration with Woodford

The ease of customizing Resco apps with the Woodford configurator tool also proved decisive.

The level of flexibility in customization is outstanding. So far, we’ve been always able to deliver what was expected by our customers, noted Laurent Van Aert, Business Development Manager at Admiral Dynamics.

Speedy and responsive support team

For one of their customers, Admiral Dynamics have been heavily involved in setting up the mobile solution for lead generation and qualification processes. And with the help of Resco’s dedicated support team, they managed to deliver a truly high-performing mobile tool.

Resco’s support team surely met our expectations. We know we can rely on their expertise and commitment to solve any potential issues within a reasonable timeframe, concluded Laurent Van Aert, Business Development Manager at Admiral Dynamics.


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