Case study
Stony Valley converted more than 20 paper forms into easy-to-use mobile forms thanks to resco.Inspections

Stony Valley converted more than 20 paper forms into easy-to-use mobile forms thanks to Inspections+

Data processing time reduced to minutes


More efficient & accurate data collection


Saying goodbye to paper forms forever


About Stony Valley Contracting

Stony Valley Contracting is a rock & gravel aggregate company based in Alberta, Canada. Stony Valley provides more than 51 years of combined experience in the aggregate and light civil contracting sector, supplying aggregate and construction services to Oil Sands Companies and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Business challenge

As with many companies in the construction industry, Stony Valley Contracting often operates in remote areas with harsh conditions. While field agents are prepared for any conditions, they initially collected data with over 20 paper forms – making for an inefficient and treacherous process in the field. Crews/plants are often moving a lot making it hard to ensure the proper paper “books” (ex: inspection books, site specifics, incident books, etc.) are on each site and current. This also creates issues in getting the paperwork from the field to the office.

Not only was this a challenge, but the company was forced to reevaluate their solution when a major flood washed away most of their paper records. This led Stony Valley to realize they needed a paperless solution that could improve their field operations and empower their backend data.


Stony Valley Contracting turned to long-time partner Ron Spence, of Spence Software, for his expertise and recommendations on improvements. He introduced them to the power of Resco Inspections+ and converted all 20+ of their paper forms into easy-to-use Resco mobile forms. Field agents now utilize these forms on-site with a mobile web application.

In addition, Stony Valley did not use any back-office system that could collect and review their data from the field. Using the Resco SDK, Spence Software built a bridge connecting the Resco Cloud database to a custom backend database powering the web app. This solution allows for a seamless flow of data from the mobile experience to backend database, to Resco Cloud, and all the way back.

Our system manages training, production, workplace incidents, inspections, meetings, assets, HR, subcontractors, and much more. Resco now is the input tool for our web app as most of their data is collected in the field.Ron Spence, Spence Software

This smart solution allows for the simple management of IT needs without the implementation of an enterprise back-office system like Dynamics, Salesforce, or SAP.


Entirely Paperless and Mobile Inspections+

Stony Valley Field Agents can now rely on their custom Resco Inspections+ mobile solution – thus eliminating the need for paper forms and safely storing data in the cloud. By going paperless, the time delay between entering information in the field and accessing it in the office has been reduced to minutes. Previously with paper-only copies, the Safety Department could be waiting weeks for the foreman to return their reports and often paperwork would go missing.

Advanced Data Collection

Custom Resco mobile forms give field agents more options than ever for data collection, including the addition of photos, signatures, and more. Advanced data collection boosts efficiency and reduces time to complete complex reports.

Transformative IT Solution

With tools for the field and an elevated backend system, Stony Valley has transformed the way they perform business without relying on an enterprise-level solution or expansive IT resources. Thanks to the expertise of Spence Software and the capabilities & flexibility of Resco Solutions, Stony Valley Construction can say goodbye to paper forms forever.

This year we decided to take the step and try a safety app. We tried a few demos with the bigger and known companies. We did a lot of research on safety apps and could not find one that worked for us until we connected with Ron. Then we reached out to Ron at Spence Software, a company we have been working with for over ten years. Not only having a great app that works for us, it also connects to our safety database. This was the best move we ever made! We couldn’t be happier with the app and services. If you are looking for a company that takes the time to develop exactly what your company needs/wants, then look no further.Heather Oulton, Health and Safety Manager, Stony Valley Contracting


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