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Dentaid Benelux sales representatives save one hour each day thanks to Resco

Reliable offline capabilities


Fast data synchronization


Saves 1 hour a day


About Dentaid Benelux

Dentaid is a global company in oral health research based in Barcelona, Spain. It aims to improve people’s oral health through education, research, development, and constant innovation.

The company operates its own research center and collaborates with professionals from around the world. This scientific approach gives the company a significant competitive advantage over other dental health companies that often lack laboratory facilities.

To support its sales process, Dentaid Benelux was looking for a solution with strong offline capabilities. When they found Resco, the company switched from its previous solution to Resco’s mobile app with Field Sales+. It allowed the company’s sales reps to use it even in places with no internet connection and saved the sales team one hour every day. Here’s their story.

Business challenge

Better offline capabilities to simplify sales reps’ jobs

Dentaid’s biggest challenge was finding a solution with reliable offline capabilities and fast data synchronization.

The company’s sales representatives visit Dental specialists and pharmacists in the Benelux area daily. The sales reps present and advise them on the company’s products.

Dentaid ́s sales reps often worked in areas without internet access, such as hospitals or building basements. That’s why having quick sync and strong offline capabilities is crucial.

Nick Mittelmeijer, Manager Business Analytics & IT at Dentaid Benelux BV

To simplify their work, the sales reps used the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM app. That allowed them to ditch heavy folders while in the field. Instead, they could access the necessary information directly in the app. However, they realized the Microsoft app lacked the offline capabilities they needed.


A user-friendly app tailored to users’ needs

To address this challenge, Dentaid and its implementation partner explored various options to add advanced mobility to their existing solution. Their priority was having fast sync, customization, and offline capabilities. This was to accommodate the needs of the sales reps, who spend their days traveling and visiting clients in various locations.

Ultimately, they chose Resco. Its solution offers superior customization options, a user-friendly interface, and industry-leading offline capabilities. Salespeople from various regions within Benelux now use the solution. New users need little time to learn the ropes and the app has exceptional support.

To meet the sales reps’ requirements, Dentaid customized the Resco solution. Dentaid’s salespeople manage
their schedules independently. They plan most of the appointments upfront, but not all. They also visit dental offices where they introduce Dentaid’s products to (potential) customers.

There are two groups of salespeople on the team. The first group visits pharmacists, and the second visits dental hygienists and dental professionals. With Resco’s customization features, Dentaid could set up two app projects tailored to the specific needs of each group. This gave each sales rep access to relevant and accurate information without having to search for what they needed.


Paperless operation and data security

Resco’s superior synchronization allows sales reps to work from anywhere. This includes basements, hospitals, and areas with limited or no internet access. There’s no need for paper forms. Dentaid’s sales reps can record information and complete reports directly in the field. They don’t have to worry about losing their data. Everything is in the cloud, and they have access to the right insights whenever they need them.

More sales appointments in less time

Thanks to Resco, Dentaid’s sales reps can fill out reports between appointments. This helps them save an hour daily, as they don’t have to spend extra time on it at home. It also means that they can complete more appointments in a day.

Minimal training needed to use the app

The Resco app is straightforward, so Dentaid’s sales reps are comfortable with the solution. After reading the manual, it only takes a short time to learn how to use it, and they learn the rest quickly on the job.

With the upgrade of Dynamics from on-premise to online, the Resco app didn’t change in the interface that much. This allows the existing users to instantly go back online after the go-live of the new back-end system.


Dentaid became 100% paperless thanks to Resco

The Resco mobile app now helps the Dentaid Sales representatives in their everyday work. It is easy to learn and comfortable to use. Importantly, it saves each rep one hour a day. The salespeople can use this time to work with their clients.

The Resco app synchronizes quickly, works even offline, and it can be used with any mobile device. The reps always have it at hand. Thanks to these perks, Dentaid ditched the heavy folders and became 100% paperless.

Our sales reps usually do six visits a day. Each of them lasts approximately one hour. Thanks to Resco Mobile App connected with Dynamics 365, they can fill out reports between appointments. This helps them save an hour daily, as they don ́t have to spend extra time on it at home. It also means that they can complete more appointments in a day.

Nick Mittelmeijer, Manager Business Analytics & IT at Dentaid Benelux BV


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