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Case study

Government agency simplifies work of its consultants with Resco Cloud

About Slovak Investment and Trade
Development Agency

The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) is a government-funded allowance organization. SARIO works under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. SARIO’s primary objective is to improve the standard of living of Slovak citizens by increasing employment and reducing regional disparities.

The agency designs and uses all kinds of stimuli to increase the influx of foreign investments with high added value. It also helps to promote Slovak companies in their efforts to transform into high-performance subjects, successful in globalized world markets. Through these activities, it contributes to both qualitative and quantitative growth of Slovak economy.

SARIO Business Challenge

SARIO has been providing high quality services in the field of investment and export promotion for 15 years. The agency’s consultants spend most of their working time meeting with various representatives of a broad palette of sectors and industries.

Our clients are of different backgrounds. State actors (ministries, embassies), public sector (municipalities, associations, unions), private businesses both from Slovakia and all around the world. We needed a simple solution to effectively manage and share this broad knowledge and contact database with our consultants. Tibor Buček, Director of Foreign Trade Department at SARIO, described why the agency was exploring the possibilities how to best distribute essential information to its employees.

Since SARIO had not used a CRM system previously, they were looking for a complete solution. One that would be easy-to-use both on mobile devices and desktop computers when the consultants get back to the office.


Being a government-funded organization, the resources set aside for the CRM project were defined strictly. More importantly, SARIO realized that they did not want to deal with the complexity of implementing a large scale CRM system. Resco Cloud check marked all the boxes – it provided cloud storage for data and the Mobile CRM app works with data across an array of devices.

Even with limited resources for such complete solution we were given exactly what we needed. We can modify the system ourselves per our requirements and our consultants have easy access to vital information wherever. Plus, Resco is a dynamic and proud Slovak company that delivers its products to customers in over 100 countries, so it was a natural fit, revealed, Tibor Buček

The consultants utilize Resco Cloud on a daily basis through their iPhones and on their desktop computers (Windows). With the Resco Mobile CRM app they enter and look up all their client-related activities and details such as contacts, meetings, events, and more.


In-house customization

SARIO was looking for a solution they could maintain themselves and easily customize as required by the users. Resco Cloud’s management console and the Woodford customization tool allows them to do just that.

Additionally, SARIO also took advantage of the available branding options – fitting the app with their own logo and naming it DataTrade.

Unified experience across desktop & mobile

The app’s user-friendly interface – with the same look and feel across phones, tablets and laptops – made it easy to handle even for consultants who have not used a CRM system before.

Making it a part of their daily routine, the Resco Mobile CRM app has grown into a “one-stop-shop” for all the essential information and frequently used documents,confirmed, Tibor Buček, Director of Foreign Trade Department at SARIO

Simplifying day-to-day work

The array of features in the app simplifies the consultants‘ preparations for client meetings and reduces the time spent on related administrative tasks.

We are truly looking forward to be able to scan business cards, and navigate to clients’ location. Tibor Buček revealed the features SARIO plan to implement next

Better overview of activities

Resco Cloud allows SARIO not only to effectively share vital business information, but also provides greater visibility of each consultant’s and team’s activities.

On top of all the aforementioned benefits, this adds also a motivational aspect for our staff, concluded, Tibor Buček, Director of Foreign Trade Department at SARIO



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