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How Janssen-Fritsen found the right mobile solution with reliable sync and offline mode

A reliable app that doesn’t crash


Reduced environmental impact

Customer Care

Improved internal communication


About Janssen-Fritsen

Janssen-Fritsen is the largest manufacturer of physical education equipment in the Netherlands. However, they also supply equipment for international events such as the Summer Olympics. They are part of ABEO, a leading French group in the sports and leisure market. Over the years, the company has grown considerably, but it continues to operate as a family business.

The equipment’s safety is the most important part of Janssen-Fritsen’s business. That’s why they carry out regular inspections.

As the company grew, its old mobile solution to carry out inspections no longer met its teams’ needs. They looked for a mobile app with fast data sync that was easy-to-use for both inspectors and the back office. 

This is the story of how Janssen-Fritsen solved their challenge with a Resco solution.

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Challenge: Finding a solution with fast sync and reliable offline mode

Although internet coverage is good in the Netherlands, the company’s inspectors sometimes have to work offline. In some places such as jails, defense areas, cellars or border areas, they can only use airplane mode or have no internet connection.

The company’s inspectors carry out equipment safety checks in the field to determine if the equipment is safe or needs to be repaired or replaced. After completing the inspection, they fill out detailed reports. They also attach several pictures of the equipment. Then, they deliver the complete reports to their customers.

At the beginning of each week, the back office plans the inspector’s schedules. Inspectors often stay in one area for longer, completing two to four work orders daily. 

Without fast sync and reliable offline more, they struggled with slow loading times and inflexible schedule planning.

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Solution: Better offline reliability and faster sync options

Back in 2006, Janssen-Fritsen switched from inefficient pen and paper reporting to their own mobile solution. However, after a few years they realized they needed a more robust tool.

When choosing a new solution, their most important criteria were mobility and ease of use. This applies both to the back office and inspectors. Mobility, especially synchronization, was Janssen-Fritsen’s priority. Several solutions were suitable for the back office. But none had satisfactory synchronization and customization options.

When the company first encountered the Resco app, they saw that it had similar features to their solution. Yet, it was much more advanced, highly customizable, and had fast sync.

Soon after that, they implemented Resco and built their custom Resco-based solution. They got help from their implementation partner – the Dutch company HSO, one of the leading Microsoft companies worldwide.

Benefits: More efficient communication that’s better for the environment

Lesser impact on the environment

Janssen-Fritsen cares about protecting the environment. The company is working on reducing its energy, water, and paper consumption.

With Resco, Janssen-Fritsen’s teams have replaced paper forms with a single mobile app for all their processes. Thanks to proper planning of preventive maintenance and timely repairs, the app also helps the company reduce its CO2 emissions.

A reliable app that doesn’t crash

Compared to their previous solution, which wasn’t robust enough and crashed often, the Resco app is more reliable. It operates without issues, even under challenging conditions.

More efficient internal communication

One of the most significant improvements the Resco app brought was a considerable reduction in internal emails.

Janssen-Fritsen’s teams now manage their work orders, scheduling, and reporting in the Resco app. There is no need for managers and workers to communicate with their engineers via email.

Exceptional support

The thing that Janssen-Fritsen values the most about Resco is its exceptional support.

Whenever an issue arises or users need help, the support team is there to resolve it. Be it technical issues or providing assistance, Resco’s support is always ready to jump in.

Result: A single mobile app to manage inspectors’ workflow

Thanks to switching to Resco, Janssen-Fritsen now uses a single mobile app to manage their inspectors’ workflows. This includes managing worker schedules, tracking inspection progress, writing detailed reports, and sending them to customers.

The new solution is reliable and has outstanding customer support. The teams at Janssen-Fritsen are so happy with it they rolled it out also at their Belgian branch in April 2023.


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