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One of the world’s leading innovative crop science companies goes mobile in less than 100 days

One of the world’s leading innovative crop science companies goes mobile in less than 100 days

About Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience AG falls under the multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer AG. Bayer is an innovation-driven company, currently with more than 117 thousand employees all over the world.

Bayer CropScience is one of the world’s leading innovative crop science companies in the areas of crop protection, seeds and plant biotechnology, and non-agricultural pest control. It has subsidiaries in more than 120 countries with over 23,100 employees and reaches the full year sales of 9,494 million euros.

Bayer CropScience Business Challenge

Bayer CropScience is running two global CRM initiatives. Subsidiaries in small & medium regions, including several European countries, Australia, China and a few African countries require a CRM solution with the limited complexity for their operations. The users from these regions have been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the office and Resco Mobile CRM on the go for several years now.Conversely, bigger regions need to perform more complex processes. Bayer CropScience implemented Oracle Siebel CRM within its divisions in the UK, Mexico and Latin America. The major struggle here was to find an appropriate, responsive mobile solution that would easily integrate with Oracle Siebel CRM.

We realized that our sales representatives were not using the desktop CRM frequently. Soon, they started to demand a mobile solution. says Ralf Zickler, Marketing & Sales IT

The laptop’s remote access to CRM didn’t turn out to be suitable for a meeting with a client. Bayer CropScience sales reps dedicate most of their time to interact with a client, thus they needed a CRM able to run offline with extremely fast synchronization.

The key to overcome overall challenges was to find a light-weight app with several must-have functionalities. We were looking for a practical mobile CRM solution with offline capabilities. The salesman’s job requires a mobile CRM that can quickly synchronize with the desktop version. Zickler explains

Must-have functionality

  • Support for multiple platforms
  • Fast and responsive app
  • Implementation time: < 4 months

Bayer CropScience analyzed potentially suitable mobile CRM solutions on the market that could integrate easily with Oracle Siebel CRM-including Oracle Siebel’s native mobile CRM, third party solutions and custom development. Resco CRM received the most positive feedback from users. Based on the overall architecture, cost and mainly synchronization time, Bayer CropScience selected Resco CRM as the best fitting mobile solution for Oracle Siebel CRM.


2 people worked on the implementation and spent less than 100 days—80% of the time was spent on integration and 20% on configuration of the Resco CRM solution. The implementation was successful and the mobile solution was delivered on time.

Resco CRM helped Bayer CropScience solve two challenges at once. The first and the major one –to complete the implementation within 4 months. The result? Only two people working on the project got it done in less than 100 days. The whole implementation experience didn’t interfere at all with other on-going work on the CRM project. Ralf Zickler, Marketing & Sales IT says.

The outcome – Users prefer the app to the desktop version

The usage of Resco CRM enables sales representatives to focus more on clients and effortlessly include insights from CRM during their meetings. In fact, from the very early stage of usage, the sales reps decided to retire remote desktop version altogether.


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