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Metadata partners with Resco to revolutionize real estate industry with mobility

Metadata partners with Resco to revolutionize real estate industry with mobility

About Metadata Technologies

Established in 2002, METADATA Technologies is the Middle East’s regional leader in CRM Solutions. With 16 years of diverse CRM implementation experience, Metadata specializes in real estate CRM. Metadata is also a pioneer in best practice implementation, consultancy, trainings and conducts CRM audits so that their clients can become more customercentric.

Metadata offers industry-specific solutions for real estate and property management sector. Aptly named Property-xRM, the CRM for real estate industry is a robust tool for property sales, leasing, marketing and facilities management. The tool is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. It offers complete solutions for real estate professionals in performing day-to-day
business and critical tasks with ease.

Resco & Metadata

Resco and Metadata came together in 2015. Having implemented Property-xRM for many customers in the Middle East real estate industry, there was a demand for making it more versatile. The idea was to make Property-xRM available on the go, on a mobile device. This was achieved and Metadata implemented the Resco mobile version for an existing customer.

The customer wanted to identify what was the best solution to avoid the mobility issues. We came across Resco and found that its features were significantly superior to what was being offered by the client’s former custom-built app. Resco, very patiently spent up to 3-4 months, tending to our needs and making sure we saw how Resco Mobile CRM was a complete winner, explained Rasheed Muhammed, Managing Director at Metadata Technologies.

Metadata and RESCO started officially working together after meeting at the Microsoft Convergence 2015 conference in Barcelona, Spain. The Metadata team, accompanied by two of its customers, ran into the Resco stall, which happened to be exhibiting and presenting the Resco Mobile CRM application.

Both companies saw a huge potential in working together and adding value to customers. They launched their partnership within a short time, in December 2015. Specializing in Mobile CRM, Resco was the best choice for Metadata to provide the latest mobile technology to its customers.

Business Challenge

The demand for an extensive and fully-functional mobile solution grew rapidly from Metadata’s customer base. The customers wanted to fully utilize Dynamics CRM, making it available for mobile use. They wanted Metadata to offer the technology, support, knowledge and value. Secondly, the Resco app connects directly to Dynamics CRM utilizing Microsoft web services. No middleware required.

In one such case, the customer was using a native custom-built mobile app. Metadata recommended the Resco Mobile CRM app and the customer was satisfied with regards to UI, ease of use, ability to customize and response speed.

However, the customer wanted upgraded features and functionalities. One of the major challenges to be handled was the data synchronization with the 3rd party CRM API.

As a customer-focused company, Metadata needed to make sure that the customer’s changing requirements were met and that the best support was provided. Resco’s mobility was offered to the customer which resolved the issue.

The fact that Resco Mobile CRM shares the Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s database was another plus when finalizing and choosing a mobile solution platform as far as Metadata was concerned. Resco’s ability to choose from a variety of standard and non-standard functionalities that could be added and run on the client’s mobile device without interruption or connectivity boosted Metadata’s confidence


Metadata Technologies now has a number of satisfied customers that are utilizing its mobile solution built on Resco technology.

We’ve been building on the Resco Mobile CRM solution for our customers since April 2016, and have been focusing on this specific solution for property industry, explained Rasheed.

When it comes to offering mobility to customers, Metadata believes that Resco Mobile CRM is an ultimate fit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. And while CRM can be used by every business, about 80% of their prospects are from the real estate industry.

Use Cases – Advanced mobility

We have developed our company to be very vertical. Property-xRM is our flagship product; however, we focus not only on the real estate solution but also on CRM in general and increasing its benefits, added Rasheed Muhammed, Managing Director at Metadata Technologies.

Metadata Technologies implements Resco Mobile CRM within two main areas:

1. As an advanced on-site exhibition tool, when there are large events and exhibitions. Mobility matters in such places and a fully capable Mobile CRM will offer better impression and functionality.

2. With real estate companies in Facilities Management – maintenance, divisions of engineering, and in the areas where field service agents must be connected to the back office. Field service agents can then work with cases, prepare for each visit and have all the information about each case in one place.

The real estate industry is one of the fastest growing technology adopters in the world. In both instances listed above, Resco Mobile CRM has been extremely helpful. We actually found tremendous usage of Resco Mobile for these two functions and thanks to it, we definitely excel compared to others in the industry, Rasheed continued.



Built-in business rules for standard sales processes

A great example of wide-ranging features through which Resco’s mobile app proves to be a valuable asset to Metadata is geolocation and the builtin business rules for standard sales processes – the automated sales cycle process (from lead to opportunity to quote to order).

Woodford configuration tool

From a technical perspective, the Woodford configurator is a leading reason why METADATA favors Resco Mobile CRM compared to other tools on the market.

Woodford is a wonderful tool that allows us to effectively implement restrictions, validations, and security roles of specific features into the solution, said Rasheed.

Eliminating duplicity

An additional benefit of Resco Mobile CRM identified by Metadata is its ability to avoid duplication of databases. The error logs are also quite selfexplanatory.

Real-time information

According to Metadata, implementing the Resco Mobile CRM solution mobility offered customers an extra edge. It not only provided real-time information from iPads and booking units, but also enabled them to automate processes instantly, create multiple listings, and manage documents. With Resco’s mobile solution, Metadata customers have experienced an immediate and significant rise in their overall productivity.

Excellent support all around

Support does not always imply a person providing technical help, but also support in other areas, such as sales and marketing. Those play an important role in helping to convey new updates and reaching out through calls. Metadata can anytime check if they can bring additional value to customers via a simple call with their Resco account manager. Marketing also helps to spread the word, create awareness through various media outlets, and gather feedback for future research.


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