Case study
Some of our sale reps preferred to access their CRM from their iPads instead of standard desktop clients

Some of our sale reps preferred to access their CRM from their iPads instead of standard desktop clients.

About Benco Dental

Benco Dental is the largest privately owned full-service dental distributor in the United States with 1,400 associates and showrooms in 37 states covering the majority of the country. Benco sells and services everything that a dental office would need from consumable products to large dental equipment and everything in-between

Benco Dental’s Challenge

Benco’s sales force is highly mobile and always on the move. A typical sales representative can visit up to 10 to 15 offices per day. Having quick access to CRM is important to allow them to provide the best service to the customers they are visiting and to the customers that are calling or emailing them during the course of the day. Because Benco covers most of the United States, there are some areas that don’t have wireless coverage. So having the info stored off-line was also key.

Our Answer

Resco was the 4th Mobile CRM vendor that Benco evaluated. The other solutions were more complex to setup (requiring additional servers & databases) and the administration was equally as hard.

The other solutions didn’t support iOS and/or Android. Benco also saw that other vendors were still struggling with some of the changes from CRM 2011 (i.e. bugs). Resco provides with the mobile solution also its Resco Mobile CRM Studio which is a very sophisticated tool. This tool gave Benco the option to customize the application to the way their sales representatives work.

Success story

Implementing Resco Mobile CRM in Benco was a real success and many sales reps have praised the Resco Mobile CRM application.

The biggest benefit was the ability to customize the application to the way Benco’s sales reps work. Benco have had sales reps that saw other sales reps using Resco Mobile CRM on an iPad and went out the next day and purchased iPad with their own money just so they could use Resco Mobile CRM. Maintaining the relationship with the customers for consumables and services is really important for Benco. Resco Mobile CRM also allows their sales reps and Equipment Specialists to work on the large sales opportunities for dental equipment.

Resco Mobile CRM helped Benco to significantly increase the productivity of their sales reps and Equipment Specialists.


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