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How Resco‘s seamless integration with Business Central gave Granzow’s technicians access to more than 4000 items on the go

How Resco‘s seamless integration with Business Central gave Granzow’s technicians access to more than 4000 items on the go

Lower error rate when making service orders


100 % stable in any location, even without internet access


Significant time savings thanks to a paperless approach


About Granzow A/S

Granzow is a leading supplier for the industry of screw compressors, compressed air treatment and energy friendly compressor controls. The company was established in 1935 in Copenhagen. Over time, the company has evolved, and it strives towards implementing more sustainable solutions across the industry. Energy optimization is among its most important ventures.

Business challenge

Before switching to Resco, the company worked with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an old ERP platform. They built their own field service solution in NAV combined with Outlook, but it wasn’t sufficient for service and order planning. To track the location of their field technicians, they used GPS trackers.

Technicians found it very inconvenient that every time they had to use the old system to record information or other tasks, it was necessary to connect to VPN and log on to remote desktop, perform the necessary action and then log back out. Because of this, they often didn’t track their tasks thoroughly enough, which meant that Granzow couldn’t invoice their clients properly.

Granzow needed a field service solution that is quick to implement and easy to use and maintain. As their old system was tailor-made, it was almost impossible to find an out-of-the-box solution that would tick all their boxers. Apart from usability and fast implementation, the most important things Granzow looked for in a solution were scheduling, planning, and employee tracking. Offline capabilities were also crucial, as they needed their field technicians to be able to access the data they needed on an iPad when they were out in the field.


After researching various companies, Granzow contacted a consultancy firm that focuses on implementing, developing, and maintaining business-critical solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to help them find and implement the right solution.

iPad screen showcasing Resco MobileCRM with Granzow

First, they analyzed Granzow’s needs and requirements and then identified essential features, working together with Resco’s team of experienced technicians. The cost of the solution and the ease and speed of implementation were also important factors. Granzow’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV was replaced with Resco directly integrated into Microsoft Business Central via the new Resco Cloud Connector for Power Automate. This met Granzow’s needs better and offered market-leading offline capabilities.

The solution is used by the technicians who drive around in vans and service Granzow’s customers. They do equipment maintenance and repairs and record how much material and hours they spent on a task on their iPads. The information goes back to Business Central In the form of a completed service order that then gets invoiced to the customer.

Granzow also uses Resco for planning technician’s schedules and managing their calendars, which is done by a planner from the office. In addition, they also customized Resco to be able to capture overtime so that Granzow can reimburse them for the hours they spend working out of their regular hours.

In Granzow, the back office generates a lot of documentation over the lifetime of each project – drawings and project documentation, quotes, orders, and many others. The sales representatives and field workers need to have access to all these documents throughout the whole process, even when they are out in the field. Thanks to Resco, they can access these documents from both the planning interface and the mobile app. The company can also track their technicians in real time, see where they are and if they have everything they need in stock.


Great integration between Business Central and Resco

Before choosing Resco, Granzow also looked into another solution but soon found out that it was too complex, and it would take longer to integrate compared to Resco. Thanks to the Resco Cloud connector, integration between Resco and Business Central was very smooth. The required integration was ready in a matter of hours and running almost immediately.

It will also save Granzow some hassle if they choose to extend the solution in the future, as the integration can be extended to include more objects or additional fields, as well as new business-related rules regarding data handling.

Lower error rate when making service orders

Granzow’s technicians don’t have to worry about what happens in Business Central. They can directly access more than 4000 items and materials from the company’s Business Central database directly in the Resco app.

That helps eliminate mistakes when making service orders, as technicians don’t have to go back to the office to have access to the database – they can fill out what parts they used and what they need to order directly at the customer’s site.

iPhone screen showcasing Resco Work Orders with Granzow

More efficient employee training

New hires who come to work from Granzow are very comfortable with Resco’s solution. It is very user-friendly – it only takes new employees around half an hour to adapt and learn how to use it.

100 % stable in any location, even without internet access

Offline capability was a key requirement for Granzow’s technicians, as they often work off-site in various locations that don’t have internet access. Resco is known for its unrivaled offline mode with extensive sync possibilities, which is one of the reasons why it is a perfect match for Granzow.

Significant time savings thanks to a paperless approach

Thanks to real-time data integration, sales representatives and field technicians can access all the documents they need to complete their work orders directly on their mobile devices. That is a huge advantage for Granzow, as the nature of their work requires complex project documentation. The fact that it’s accessible directly in the app saves workers a lot of time, as they don’t have to carry papers with them or go back to their office to fill out reports.


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