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Site Service

How Site Service increased work order completion by 25 % thanks to Field Service 2.0 for Dynamics 365

One app for all types of jobs and roles


25% increase in work order completion


Offline — corner stone of industry-leading user experience


About Site Service

The Site Service Group installs, operates and maintains fiber, electrical, telecommunications and communication networks in Scandinavia. It contributes to Norway’s #2 position in the internet penetration in the world with more than 99% coverage only trailing Ireland.[1]

Founded in 2007, the Site Service Group works with both commercial operators and the government. It runs nationwide in Norway with 20 locations and areas from Tana in the north to Kristiansand in the south.

The company wanted to find a mobile solution that technicians could use on their mobile device from any location.

Business Challenge

The Site Service Group used the Resco-based Microsoft Field Service Mobile app. Its customizability allowed the company to build an app that suits all their specific needs. When they found out that the app will be discontinued, they stood in front of a though decision.

Covering complex network infrastructure in Norway — a country with many hills, valleys, and fjords — was one of the biggest challenges. The Site Service technicians are often sent to areas only accessible by helicopters. Moreover, they must do their job with limited or no connectivity.

To make it extra difficult, they must combine lots of technical knowledge and experience with acrobatic skills. Climbing atop several dozen meter tall communication towers is considered a routine operation.

This extra vertical mile the technicians must go daily required finding a balance between using a device that is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand but one with a big enough form factor to do the job quickly right on the spot.


The complex challenge dictated the requirements and eventually pointed to the only solution that can support the Site Service Group. The winning formula proved to be the combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and Resco. Microsoft’s robust Field Service solution is a perfect match for the customer’s diverse operations while Resco delivers unparalleled experiences for their field technicians and engineers.

The device of choice is a smartphone, leaving laptop — too big and clunky — and smartwatch — small-scale and unobtrusive but limited when it comes to data entry — as no good fit. Technicians can choose between using an iPhone or an Android device, as Resco works on both platforms. This level of freedom is important for many technicians.

The smartphones run Resco’s app configured for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. The app gives technicians access to key functionalities in the offline scenario. These include the ability to track progress, order material, manage inventory, access vital information, run reports, and promptly send updates to customers.


25% increase in work order completion

One of the main components of Site Service’s mobile app is the map. It combines the technician’s actual position with the locations of Work Orders on the map. They view the map to find nearby Work Orders optimizing their travel needs.

Critical jobs always have priority and require dispatching the technicians at all costs. The company has recorded a 25% increase in work order completion thanks to this.

Improved report delivery for customers

The seamless integration of Resco and Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows Site Service to collect all data and updates on the spot and document the jobs with the mobile app. As soon as the technicians are finished, they build a mobile report offline that is shared with the customer. Resco enables before unseen almost instant transparency and saves the technicians extra time they would otherwise need to complete the records.

One app for all types of jobs and customers

The key benefit of Resco technology is the ability to customize the app to fit the use case, process, and customer’s scenario. Equipped with a powerful yet easy-to-use configuration tool, the Site Service Group was able to create one app that supports the field technician’s every move.

The technician can track their progress, get work order details and updates, and create reports. This ensures the information that needs to be updated is tuned for each customer. Field technicians do not need to worry about what information each customer requires.

The Resco solution offers very useful features such as the ability to customize with Woodford and the intuitive design of the app that makes it very easy for field staff to use. With the ability to customize forms for each customer, we never have to say no to a customer when they ask for more information during ongoing work.
Michael Aarvik, CTO, Site Service Group

Offline — corner stone of industry-leading user experience

Resco has introduced a new way for Site Service to approach working in the field. The single app covers all technicians’ needs, running flawlessly where others have stopped long ago. This is only possible thanks to the most advanced offline capabilities on the market coupled with a strong synchronization engine.


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