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Global coffee & tea company’s technicians complete more service assignments with Resco Mobile CRM

Global coffee & tea company’s technicians complete more service assignments with Resco Mobile CRM

About Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) is a global coffee and tea company. They serve consumers around the world with iconic brands including: Jacobs, Tassimo, Moccona, Senseo, L’OR, Douwe Egberts, Kenco, Pilao & Gevalia. Delivering the coffee and tea that people love since 1753. JDE now operates in over 100 countries around the world. Its products hold #1/#2 positions in the market in 27 countries across Europe, Latin America, and Australasia.

JDE is also a trusted partner supplying coffee machines, ingredients and professional services to a wide range of enterprises. From restaurants and theaters to hospitals and universities, JDE Professional offers solutions for all their tea and coffee needs. Any organization can provide guests, employees and visitors with their favorite warm beverage.

Jacobs Douwe Egberts Business Challenge

The Australian and New Zealand divisions of JDE use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage and service thousands of coffee machines. These machines are hired out to various locations of cafés, restaurants and businesses.

Service technicians who handle the maintenance spend most of their time on the road. The company needed a simple, yet effective way of alerting them about upcoming job assignments. They also wanted to provide staff with information vital to successfully completing these tasks. Such as, the customer‘s contact details, all machine details (including previous service history), and the description of the job required.

JDE selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM as its platform of choice and Fusion5 as its CRM partner.

The main objective was to keep the technicians on the road and not sitting around in the office which essentially costs money. JDE wanted to reduce their technicians’ paperwork and enable them to update details about machines and customers immediately on-site. Not wanting to spend more than a day or two, information needed to be fed straight back to the office. said Daniel Hardcastle, General Manager Australia & New Zealand at Jacobs Douwe Egberts


Fusion5 suggested the addition of Resco Mobile CRM to JDE‘s Dynamics CRM solution as the most suitable solution. It enables JDE‘s team of service technicians throughout New Zealand and Australia who respond to service requests anywhere, anytime. These maintenance jobs are scheduled through Dynamics CRM in the back office. Later, picked up by the technicians using the Resco app on their smartphones. Jobs include general services (which are scheduled on regular cycles), new installs, urgent, and standard repairs.

Technicians use Resco Mobile CRM to receive service jobs that they are assigned to do, whether they are scheduled/urgent. These records contain all the information needed to know about the job: from the client’s contact information, to the previous repairs’ overview. The technicians have the app open on their phones all day. Dan Lorimer, CRM Consultant at Fusion5 revealed

During a job and at the time of completion, technicians capture detailed information about what they needed to do. Information such as, time of completion, duration, and other additional information about the customers and machines (serial numbers etc.). Plus, they are also able to schedule follow up steps, if required.

As the app syncs with Dynamics CRM, the back office can analyze the data and use it to better predict customer needs. JDE’s sales teams are also using Resco when out of the office to look up information on accounts and contacts. added Dan Lorimer


Increased Productivity and Data Quality

After the service technicians switched to Dynamics CRM with Resco, JDE noticed an increase in their productivity and an improvement in the company’s CRM data quality.

The service technicians are completing more jobs per day, since Resco Mobile CRM enables them to easily capture information without spending a great deal of time doing so. With an almost 45% increase in completed jobs per technician, per day, it is a great leap forward. This fresh data is synced to JDE’s Dynamics CRM and can then also be used by the sales teams to better target customers’ needs. Daniel Hardcastle confirmed

Ease of Use

Along with increased productivity and data quality, Resco Mobile CRM has a modern intuitive user interface, making it easy to use. Tehnicians are notified about any planned or last minute service visits straight after they are assigned to them. And they also see all the information related to that particular job immediately. Furthermore, they can leverage the functionality unique to mobile devices with Resco Mobile CRM. For example, they can take a picture documenting the repair and attach it to the record – all directly within the app.

Simply put, if it wasn’t easy to use, or didn’t make the job easier for the technicians, they wouldn’t use it. Dan Lorimer noted

Offline Mode

Full offline functionality is an essential requirement as JDE‘s technicans in Australia and New Zealand operate in areas where internet connection can be unstable or even entirely unavailable.

The rich offline capability of Resco Mobile CRM enables the technicians to operate with full functionality whether or not they have connectivity.

Fully configurable, constantly evolving

The app is entirely configurable to suit JDE’s needs. Take the processes used in New Zealand and Australia as an example – they vary slightly, so Resco Mobile CRM is setup and used slightly differently in both countries. Dan Lorimer describing how JDE is taking advantage of the solution’s easy configurability

The New Zealand JDE service team is currently transitioning from Samsung devices with Android to Microsoft Lumia smartphones with Windows 10. However, with Resco Mobile CRM this doesn’t cause any issues. After the mobile project is configured, it can be deployed across all mobile platforms, be it Android, Windows or iOS, without any extra effort or costs.

We have also created processes for appointments, phone calls and scheduling meetings for the JDE sales teams, but this has not been rolled out as of yet. This should hopefully be implemented in the near future. Daniel Hardcastle previewing the plan to expand the use of Resco Mobile CRM

Additionally, JDE and Fusion5 appreciate the way that the product is constantly being enhanced. Useful and improved functionality is being released constantly, with four major updates every year. This enables them to continuously improve their solution and further boost the productivity of JDE’s staff.

A bit about our Partner – Fusion5

Fusion5 is a business solutions company specialising in Enterprise Resource Management, Customer Experience and HCM & Payroll systems. With nearly 300 staff operating out of 9 offices across Australia and New Zealand, their highly experienced, award-winning Microsoft Dynamics CRM team is the partner of choice for many high profile organisations.


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