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Finding the missing piece: Why CMS Industries Ltd chose Resco Mobile CRM

Finding the missing piece: Why CMS Industries Ltd chose Resco Mobile CRM?

About CMS Industries Ltd

CMS Industries Ltd is a leading supplier of office seating furniture components to UK & European manufacturers. The company offers a full product management, from initial concept & design through to production.

CMS Industries also runs its two subsidiaries: Ergo & AirCharge. Ergo, a provider of ergonomically designed office furniture & LED lightning & accessories. AirChange offering wireless charging solutions for office, home and public spaces.

CMS Industries Challenge

CMS Industries adopted Dynamics CRM to help them keep its data in place and utilize it for improving their customer care. But they soon realized they needed a mobile solution for their sales representatives who were constantly on the move; making personal customer visits.

Our sales reps are coming to office quite rarely: twice a week or less. But we needed them to be up-to-date on recent leads raised in the office, so they could get to them as quickly as possible. Nicola Whitlock, IT/Project Manager at CMS Industries explains

Accessing Dynamics CRM from laptops was a possibility, but turned out to be far less convenient and swift as tablets would be. That’s when CMS Industries started to investigate mobility options for Dynamics CRM.

Since the internet coverage wasn’t available at all times, offline capability was a must. Also specific functionality, such as showing records on a map.

The Solution

The decision on mobility was based on a combination of several factors: the functionality of the solution itself, client list, and recommendations from customers & Microsoft employees. After the evaluation of all mobile solutions on the market, Resco came out as a winner.

We chose Resco because it ticked all our boxes. We needed something that was adaptable and would really work for us. Nicola Whitlock discloses

As Nicola recollects, the beginnings with the mobile solution were tricky. “You don‘t know where to start, it’s a trial and error process. But Resco’s support team was very helpful, I haven’t had a problem they weren’t able to help with, either by email or remote access for more tricky issues.” Now that their tailored mobile solution works well, she is looking forward to move onto more advanced areas to be able to use the solution to its fullest.


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