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Maxol provides continuous quality assurance across its network of service stations with increased support of staff and thorough inspections

Maxol provides continuous quality assurance across its network of service stations with increased support of staff and thorough inspections

About Maxol

The Maxol Group is one of the leading forecourt and convenience providers on the island of Ireland. A family owned business comprising over 230 service stations, Maxol places customer satisfaction high on their list of priorities. With almost 100 years-experience in the retail fuel environment Maxol is acutely aware of the ever-increasing importance of mobile technology in connecting their geographically diverse businesses.

Maxol Business Challenge

As part of its continuous quality assurance and improvement program, Maxol carries out site inspection reviews at their service stations throughout the year to ensure high standards are maintained. Field sales managers traditionally carried out these inspections but increasingly, the company felt the need to get opinions from a more diverse population of inspectors. The decision was made to engage more staff as well as our mystery motorist supplier.

Initially completed on paper, updated in the past few years to a client-server windows application – the existing inspection tool was beginning to show its age. The windows tablets required to run the app were now end of life – a mobile solution was required. Being platform agnostic and already in use by the field sales team for CRM, Resco was the obvious choice.

Adding & managing new licensed CRM users is not only costly but takes up IT admin time. What if they needed to grant access to users outside the organization? – this indeed was the case as Maxol contracted a mystery shopping firm to complement their own internal inspections.

With Resco Mobile CRM we can facilitate lead-to-account, appointment tracking, sales update, and site inspections. It was imperative that we enabled our sales force to update leads and appointments in CRM, all on-the-go. Keith Murphy, Business Analyst, clarified


Recent developments in Resco helped seal the deal.

  1. The new mobile reports option allowed for the final inspection to be signed by the retailer, results calculated and emailed to them and all while still on-site.
  2. External Access allowed Maxol to share a small subset of their CRM information with specific users. Granting access for each ad-hoc inspector is simple: create a new contact, set the password and assign the inspections.

Other Mobile CRM apps didn’t do offline or handle custom entities at the time. So, we had to look at other options. A vendor also recommended Resco at the time. We started the free trial, and were pleasantly surprised. It was exactly what we were looking for and more. said, Keith Murphy

Inspectors can use their own phones to download the Resco Mobile CRM app from the App Store or Google Play. No new hardware is required. Maxol chose to also grant inspector’s access to their CRM Service Station entity – with one tap on the map icon, the would-be inspector can easily use their phones’ GPS to navigate to service stations they may have never previously visited. Offering more thorough inspections, nationwide.

There are several categories with a range of questions with various weighting and scoring options. Once that is done, the service station manager signs his/her name in the app and the report is generated. The inspector can send the PDF report straight from the app directly to the site or save a copy of it on CRM.

Once the automated online sync kicks in on the user’s phone, the inspections are all visible via customized dashboards back in head office. Simple, reliable, quick and easy!


Flexibility & Ease of Use

Woodford, the configuration tool made it rather easy to make changes, at any point in time necessary.

Multiple app options, simple UI, easy deployment changes, terrific management of users and devices really made it a stable mobile app to work with that enabled good logging and of course, great support.

The flexibility of the solution speaks volumes for itself. Nothing so far has been impossible (with the help of support), and there are always regular and useful updates to the product. Keith explained

More thorough data

While it may be difficult to calculate precise figures when it comes to ROI values, sometimes it is a matter of increased efficiency. What was once impossible is now possible. Tasks that may have been long and tedious are now effortless to do.

It’s hard to quantify in terms of ROI but our business has been able to change in ways we would have struggled with if not for Resco as mobile apps are not easy to develop from scratch. This framework allows us to be more mobile focused rather than relying on various unconnected systems like email, excel files, phone calls. We’re more connected as a result.
We can automate data collection and interact with our mobile sales force in a better way – we can put information and tasks up there for them and they collect it wherever they are. Having more complete & up-tothe-minute information makes it easier for us to respond quickly to change.Keith pointed out


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