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One of America’s Top Roofing Contractors saves 100% in Overall Resources

One of America’s Top Roofing Contractors “Saves 100% in Overall Resources”

About Kelly Roofing

Kelly Roofing is a premier roofing company providing roof repair and replacement services all over Florida. The Naples Roofing Company is a family business that has grown to become one of the largest roofing contractors in Florida. They are categorized as one of America’s Top 100 Roofing Contractors.

A combination of old world building principles, and continuing education allows the company to bring the highest quality roofing systems to the market. The roofing systems (tile, flat, shingle, and metal roof) services include roof repair/restoration & replacement. The services they have been offering for more than 30 years, are beyond average. The Naples Roofing Company also proffers the installation of the gutters, insulation, and skylights.

Kelly Roofing Business Challenge

Kelly Roofing promises “Beauty & Life Time Warranty” to the customer who needs a roof repair or a roof replacement.

The roofing industry accounts for 11 million tons of waste in the US each year. The team of the field installers are dedicated to help reduce the amount of waste generated by the re-roofing jobs.

In order to do so, they must ensure, the team of installers perform an outstanding job in the field. The installers and crew that control/manage the entire process, must be at designated roofing repair location. The crew consists of a supervisor, an administrator, and a dispatcher.

One of the requirements our clients have is to have insights for our crews that are doing the work. Each crew has a supervisor that require high-level information about the crew’s whereabouts and agenda. The rest of the crew is made up of an administrator and a dispatcher that are in charge of scheduling the work. They gather insights to all the work that has been scheduled. Ken Kelly, President at Kelly Roofing described

To be able to gain this information, Kelly Roofing aimed to provide crews with a modern and intuitive system serving for their field service workers. The crews’ daily agenda is to create work orders directly where the roof service takes place.

To deliver professional service, the crew needed to find and start utilizing a system capable of designing complex work orders. Supervisors, administrators, and dispatchers were clearly lacking a solution that would let them do so. They simply and quickly needed to create, complete, and edit the work orders whilst in the field. Hence, a mobile CRM turned out as the most ideal option to consider.

Desired features of Work Orders

High-level quality

High-level can be represented by the advanced features such as having a Spanish/English language localization. Spanish speakers account for more than 23 % of Florida’s population. Media such as photo capturing, attachments, signatures, and much more, could also be incorporated.

Offline Sync

The office staff requires 24/7 updates on where each crew is at all times. The phone service tends to cause issues in this manner. Therefore, a highly stable solution competent of an extremely fast synchronization with the office/desktop CRM (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) was a requested feature.

Crew Localization

Whenever a customer contacts the dispatcher, they need to receive information verified first-hand at the crew‘s location from the dispatcher. The dispatcher will then use the system to localize the crew’s checkpoint straight away. And easily, the information will appear in the system.

Repeatable processes/tasks

A part of a field technician’s job requires a lot of manual creations and repeated tasks. A simple solution added to the body of work are the Work Order templates. The ‘on-the-go’ system with a great business logic, that would simply do the job for them. Templates would allow for the creation of a specified set of Work Order templates. In a way that the template can contact one/multiple Work Order tasks, products, or services. These can later be used for an Invoice generation.

A modern and intuitive UI

One of the requirements of the solution, was for easy user adoption for the crews. Once data was easy to expose and group into entities and subgroups, user adoption would happen quicker.


Kelly Roofing has 18 crews that are always in the field. Most of their job is done out-of-office. Hence, they needed a suitable solution to boost their performance, and go mobile. PowerObjects are a renowned Microsoft Dynamics partner. They have been helping Kelly Roofing implement and manage the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

We’ve been very happy using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but soon realized, there was something missing. A suitable mobile client that would not only complement, but bring the functionality that was missing (mobility, etc.) to the solution. Since PowerObjects was by our side, we knew right away that implementing Resco Mobile CRM was the right move. Ken Kelly, President of Kelly Roofing, explained

Clear Choice

With no competition in mind, Kelly Roofing carried on with FieldOne services. The FieldOne Sky application is a mobile solution for field workers solidly based on Resco Mobile CRM technology. FieldOne is a set of Resco’s field service management features; e.g.: work order management, asset management, maintenance agreement tracking, inventory and procurement management, workflow capabilities, mobile collaboration, and other custom entities.

I really like the modern form, UI, related entities and subgrades, that’s awesome, I love being able to scroll through any related entity. Super simple, it’s amazing to have that functionality in mobile devices. said Chris Powers, PowerObjects about Field One Sky based on Resco Mobile CRM

Kelly Roofing rolled out the mobile solution for all 18 crews. They are now running it on Windows Lumia Phones.

More than a Mobile CRM

To get the full usages of a mobile platform in the field, Kelly Roofing would only go with a mobile solution that came with a customization tool to get the job up to speed; and also a customization platform that configures the mobile CRM with just a few clicks. This is where Resco’s customization tool, Woodford came into play.

As long as you understand the structure of the database in CRM, and how you can expose the appropriate entities and attributes within Woodford, you will be set up for success. In addition to determining what is displayed to the user, having an understanding of the security and managing the devices connecting to the environment is critical. Ken Kelly, President of Kelly Roofing

Woodford turned out to be incredibly intuitive to walk through. It enabled the indication of any additional fields to be added or fields that are unnecessary from the company’s perspective. The customers quickly learned to understand when the change is being made. And once published, see that replicated instantly, on their mobile devices.


Out-of-the-Box Woodford Customizations

Out of the box customizations were so time consuming, difficult, and unreliable to work with. We had actually given up on an out-of-the-box mobile platform to use. With Woodford, we have realized what the platform promised. Mobile management and efficiency. Ken Kelly, President of Kelly Roofing

Time efficiency & increased productivity with Resco Mobile CRM & Woodford

There has been a complete paradigm shift in the way Kelly Roofing markets itself, since the roofing company started using mobile CRM.

Before, we used to send a Project Manager to inspect the work, give a price, take photos, and get commitment from the client. He would then turn into the Project Administrator for setup and scheduling. Which was done in the CRM and MS Project separately, and took days for dispatch. All 18 crews used to perform a daily wrap-up meeting with their Project Administrator to discuss the closing of projects, updates, and status changes. Now, they do all the verifying and closing within the app. Hence, there is no need for a project administrator to step-in. Since the meeting took between 30-45 minutes, and usually went well past very late evening hours, we are saving between 9 and 13 hours daily.

Our teams are getting home at a decent hour. With Resco Mobile CRM, we have now shifted to our newly branded Rapid Repair program. Where the Project Administrator sends the crew directly to the client and all inspections, diagnosis, photos, pricing, agreement, work, and frequent payments are done in one shot. This has cut days off of our response time and saved our company the cost/expense of sending a Project Manager out ahead of time. Ken Kelly, President of Kelly Roofing

Advanced Work Orders

Work Orders are a body of work for the roof repair & replacement crews. Resco Mobile CRM allows them to manage high-level work orders:

  • The app provides all the service tasks and other high-level information (such as general product descriptions, etc.) in both English and Spanish
  • They can easily capture photos and attach them to Work Orders
  • Each crew is required to perform a follow-up after the job is done as a part of a Work Order in a system
  • The signatures are requested at the final walk-through with a client
  • Additional boxes that serve as a motivator are added as needed

There is also an option to include additional pieces of work within Work Orders, which is absolutely great for the crews, because they are paid for the work they do—this way, they are able to see a direct impact they have. All of this is done in the field, so they can actually see, how much they are getting paid, and based on this, we saw it have an impact on their job as a useful motivator. Ken Kelly, President at Kelly Roofing

  • With an offline/online mode functionality, a dispatcher is always aware of the current status of each crew that has had a roof scheduled for a day
  • Replacing manual creations of work orders with automated processed templates saves time for the field workers on-site

100% saving on overall resources

Perhaps it’s too early to tell as of yet, but we haven’t realized double the production or anything like that. However, if you take into consideration of not having to send a Project Manager out ahead of time, it’s absolutely a 100% savings in overall resources. Ken Kelly, President of Kelly Roofing

Increase in production by 27%

Ever since Kelly Roofing implemented the new found efficiency of FieldOne Sky based on Resco Mobile CRM, the company is looking for the best way to utilize it. In the first few months of usage, it has set up territories to save drive times, and allowed faster response time to working sites.


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