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Animal pharmaceutical company sales reps use advanced multimedia presentations for enriched productivity in sales

Animal pharmaceutical company sales reps use advanced multimedia presentations for enriched productivity in sales

About Merial

Merial is a world-leading animal health company. Providing cutting edge product development and innovation with a proven track record in producing pharmaceutical products and vaccines for pets, production animals, horses, and even wildlife.

Merial, a Sanofi company, is a world-leading, innovation-driven animal health company. Providing a comprehensive range of products that focus on disease prevention and overall health and wellness in animals. The company has a worldwide presence in more than 150 countries and has been on the market for 35 years in the United States. With over 6900 employees, 13 R&D Sites, and 15 Manufacturing sites worldwide, Merial generates over €2.5 billion in annual sales. Merial, Inc. in the USA generates over 40% of Merial’s global sales.

Merial Business Challenge

Many factors come into play when prioritizing what is necessary in a Mobile CRM solution. The obvious one is, mobility – true mobility (online/offline modes). For others, it may be customization capabilities of the app, a user-friendly design, and a constant inflow of updates. For some it might be the pliability among many mobile devices and back-end systems, and even GPS usability. For Merial, it was all of the above. Back in 2011, where Resco and Merial, Inc. first began working together, there were not many Mobile CRM solutions to choose from on the market. Those that did later surface proved to be challenging to work with, implement, and have low customizability. With limited abilities in form creations, their dedicated field sales representatives needed something more robust to work with. While being robust, the issue of security and safety was also another requirement needing to be met.

In the field

In the field, especially with our offices extending worldwide, in some areas carrying around a laptop to meetings and traveling with one is not very safe for our representatives in the field. However, being able to carry a smartphone in their pockets, proved to be safe, efficient, and highly productive. stated Matt Johnson, Head of CRM development – Merial.

In order to make proper documentation of everything, they needed to make customizations within the app. However, they also needed to create eloquent presentations, have interactive forms, use multimedia, place orders, calls, GPS tracking & navigation. All the while, offering true mobility with virtually any mobile device, while meeting their forthcoming clients.

We began and still use classical features of other CRM platforms. Resco however, showed that they could develop on those features, and be mobile. Provide an easier, yet, fully advanced way in viewing account details, entering calls & using mapping functions. We really like the mapping functions, we can see where are customers are in relation to us. Then, we later discovered the full potential of Resco Mobile CRM with their Woodford Customization tool. Soon after that, we began to customize into great lengths. Which was key for us and our sales representatives to be fully-equipped in the field. explained Matt Johnson, Head of CRM Development


Merial teaming up with Resco, later provided access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the field for several hundred users across several countries, a fully customized solution that was fast, truly offline capable, secure, easy in access and monitoring, and with minimal training required.

Merial has since then, been customizing with use of Woodford the Resco Mobile CRM app, Html 5 custom pages. Entry of data is quick, with just a few taps, is highly interactive, and offers managers a way to monitor the sales team, out in the field. It started out as a simple implementation of a screen from the Microsoft CRM web tool, that was awkward and off in usage.

We then extended it with Woodford and were able to create a tool that was both efficient and reliable in the field. But also superior to us in terms of monitoring. clarified Matt Johnson, Head of CRM Development

Team Data Processing

Sales management requires ample amounts of data to process and analyze information about how the sales team operates in the field.

As a global need, we wanted to be able to download data with respect to the data sync – as multimedia player tied in the CRM, or a PDF, and even video. We wanted to see what content was being presented and the frequnecy of content being presented to prospective clients. Data was recorded and we analyzed. We saw what was most valuable and working in the field in terms of conversion. described Matt Johnson, Head of CRM Development

A mobile solution for both sales reps and management, globally, met Merial’s many requirements for security. Customizability, maturity, friendly UI, regular updates and minimal training – were all necessary. This field service-vet sales use case scenario, was one where two sides work in synergy with the right solution.

After seeing what was on the market, and evaluating Resco’s Mobile CRM solution, it was clear that there was no competition. Resco Mobile CRM is fast, secure, and operates on all OS systems. said Matt


More Time Dedicated to Customers — Increased quality in data entry

Merial’s main goal was to create a safer and more productive working environment all around. One with complete efficiency for sales reps enabling thorough reports and client relationship information.

We wanted to increase our sales representatives’ productivity and make their lives easier. With Resco Mobile CRM the time it takes to enter sales call details has been reduced significantly vs. entering the same data through the PC. This gives our reps more time to dedicate to serving customers. Matt explained

User Experience & Support

The User Experience with Resco Mobile CRM has proven to be a joy and ease to work with. Having a completely unified look on all platforms is key. Everything harnessed on one page without having to open and exit out of multiple windows, truly provides a fluidity with working in CRM.

I don’t know another approach that’s as quick and easy to deploy like Resco Mobile CRM. The speed in which you can personalize the solution, the fact that it’s cross-platform right out-of-the-box is great. Matt pointed out

What Merial also found very useful to their Managers in utilizing Resco Mobile CRM in the field, was Mobile Device Management.

With the Resco Mobile CRM MDM, I can actually see who updated their smartphone, the latest updated version, latest device upgrade, and even when’s their time of sync. With other platforms I can’t see this information. It’s in their back-end, which is hidden. Matt simplified

Since adopting Resco Mobile CRM, Merial sales reps use the app exclusively and are in the works to expand to other locations worldwide. Even the use of the Woodford Customization Tool. However, there are many reasons for an easy user adoption. Having a great support system is always a massive plus.

The team loves using the app. Any time we have any issues, the Resco Support Team is always there to help. But I mean, in depth help – it’s nice that we can talk to first-line support. But to even go as far as developers, it’s really a personal touch you have. With other providers, they seem 100 layers away, but with Resco, it feels like a partnership. Matt clarified


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