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A mobile solution that is ‘Made for Movement’ and reduced office hours while increasing sales

A mobile solution that is ‘Made for Movement’ and reduced office hours while increasing sales

About Made for Movement Group AS

Made for Movement emerged on the market with unique medical devices that simplify lives of people with disabilities. Its three key products provide the opportunity for movement for those who are unable to do so on their own.

NF-Walker, Innowalk and Innowalk Pro are designed and suitable for helping with a wide range of medical conditions, including Rett and Downs Syndrome, traumatic brain injury and a spinal cord injury, also a multiple sclerosis.

This Norwegian company has offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany and distributes its products in 13 countries.

Made for Movement Business Challenge

“We are all made for movement”; says the motto of the company that addresses the needs of people with disabilities. The primary objective of Made for Movement with its 70 employees is to make sure their products get to the people that need them. Therefore, the Aid Consultants spend most of their day out of the office, helping people with disabilities. A focal point of each Aid Consultant’s job, is to introduce products that could increase muscle strength and achieve more movement, and hence improve these people‘s quality of life.

What’s on a daily agenda of a sales guy working in a business that is so sensitive and unique?

Made for Movement team of Aid Consultants have a hectic workday and can start the day from the office or from their car. At first, they plan the activities around the visits of schools, homes, institutions and kindergartens, where they commonly adjust or introduce the solutions.

The visits must be well-prepared and organized. Aid Consultants must plan their daily route in advance, so they could gain the most of their time and direct all their focus at the prime core of their job – to help users get up and move. Using a system that doesn’t work on-the-go did not come into account.


Before, we first sent our Aid Consultants on the road, we knew, we needed a solution that could satisfy the needs of a business that is this specific. The question was: How to find a system that is highly customizable, has offline capabilities and is truly ‘made for movement’? says Tom Gerhard Nilsen, Head of IT at Made for Movement Group AS


Aid Consultants at Made for Movement now provide more consultations and are very successful at selling medical devices. While utilizing Resco Field Sales+, they are always primed and prepped for institutions, school or kindergarten visits and what’s more, they reduced the office hours by almost 50%.


At the time we were looking for a suitable mobile solution, we heard Microsoft Norway talking about Resco Field Sales+. We were lucky enough to run into a demo of the solution at one meeting. Our vendor, Pilaro, then tested and guided us through the app that truly embodies an all-in-one combination of what satisfies our needs. They showed us exactly what we were looking for. We saw how the map feature worked, with all the accounts and contacts included. All the tests they performed were mainly focused on Resco Field Sales+ ability to produce quotes, orders, store user information and offline navigation, route planning or pinpointing where the users were located. Tom Gerhard Nilsen continues

Potential clients of Made for Movement have special requirements and unique products made for clinical practice. Therefore, all must be well explained to everyone involved. Every single new sales visit requires a detailed presentation rich in visuals.

Each sales representative is equipped with a Surface Pro 3 and Resco Field Sales+. The app enables Aid Consultants to create a quotation or a work order within minutes. In several markets, a new order can’t be closed without a signature – that is another need of Made for Movement, Resco Field Sales+ meets.


Limitless customizations


“Resco Field Sales+ truly is a great product. I’m the administrator behind the customizations and the Woodford configurator gives me the power to change the system to fit our needs and processes. As we go, I still figure out better ways to tune the system. And we find it possible to change the system the way we want almost every time. The system is strikingly user-friendly and it makes it easy for us to configure our processes.” – says Tom Gerhard Nilsen.


Fast user adoption

The secret behind making users willing to switch from desktop (Mamut) to a mobile solution was quite simple — Made for Movement invested time and resources in training and hands-on labs. Additionally, the administrator of the CRM project removed all the functions users would never use — what minimized the complications connected with the acceptance of a new system.

The best features

All Resco Field Sales+ users agreed on offline capability being the most beneficial feature to them. The sellers need to continuously update information about new clients and opportunities. It is crucial for them to be able to synchronize the data quickly when switching online from an offline mode.


The entities we created and currently use in the app are mainly activities and appointments. We love how everything is connected within the system: Contacts with maps, reports with accounts, quotes, orders and opportunities. Another highlight is that Resco Field Sales+ is the app for every device & platform. In the beginning, we were not sure what device to use for the app. We bought a new Surface Pro 3 for the entire sales staff, but they also use various mobile devices. When we connected users to the Resco app, it all just worked. Tom Gerhard Nilsen adds

What’s next?

Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have been successfully supplying their Aid Consultants with Resco Field Sales+. The following step is to roll the app out in Germany, the fourth and, for now, the last office of Made for Movement.


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