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AUI Fine Foods moved from CWR to Resco Mobile CRM in less than 60 hours – smoothly, easily, effortlessly

AUI Fine Foods moved from CWR to Resco Mobile CRM in less than 60 hours – smoothly, easily, effortlessly

About AUI Fine Foods

AUI Fine Foods (AUI) has been serving professional chefs for over 45 years. AUI employs corporate R&D pastry chefs and seasoned professionals whose experiences provide ideas and assistance to those in the field.

The everyday mission & challenge of AUI Fine Foods is simple. An uncompromising commitment to quality products and services drives the team to always make sure to bring classic and innovative tools to today’s industry trendsetters. To deliver and present over 1,400 high quality foods to leading hotels, restaurants, casinos, cruise lines, airlines and manufactures; AUI stresses the importance of the direct selling. Without it, professional chefs would not be able to pass on the culinary experience crafted by AUI.

Business Challenge

AUI has a national direct selling organization of over 60 sales professionals and a staff of culinary experts (chefs and food scientists) adept at custom product solutions. The sales team, the hub and point of contact for customers, are resources themselves as many are chefs by profession.
Sales professionals in the field have several tasks to streamline and finalize day-by-day. When visiting a customer, they are required not to only simply serve the products, but to allow a client to lookup product information while on site. A sales rep must manage appointments and phone calls, or check inventory mainly while traveling between customers. And that can be challenging.
That is why AUI had started to use a mobile CRM solution to manage sales processes a few years ago. It was called CWR.

Ease of Transition & Deployment

When Resco acquired CWR in 2015, and it was announced that support for CWR would cease, it was only a question of time when would the migrations from CWR to Resco Mobile CRM begin.

It took a mere 60 hours in total to replicate, test, document & deploy our CWR solution to Resco Mobile CRM. And, Resco’s app is so intuitive that it didn’t require virtually any training – our sales team just started to use it straightaway, Sojan Yadav, Vice-President of Information Technology at AUI Fine Foods about the switch.

He concluded what helped the company ease into their new mobile CRM solution:

It was also an advantage that both apps (CWR and Resco) could be run on the same device in parallel, enabling us to confirm that everything works as expected and further simplifying the transition. Overall, it was a seamless migration process and Resco Mobile CRM brought numerous handy new features which our team now utilize every day, Sojan Yadav, VP of Information Technology at AUI Fine Foods concluded.


Sojan also revealed that top requirements for a suitable and satisfying enterprise mobile solution were mainly:

  • Ease of use
  • Easy customization
  • Reliability
  • A set of advanced features

Once CWR no longer operated, and Resco was implemented, the team at AUI started to notice positive changes & their impacts.

The Resco app looked better from the start, and now that implemented, it’s all perfect. I consider Resco as one the best CRM app for devices. “Our users regularly synchronize tens of thousands of records, yet the sync times dropped from hours to approximately 5 minutes. Another ultimate plus is that Resco Mobile CRM application never crashes, said Sojan.

After implementing Resco Mobile CRM, AUI Fine Foods noticed a significant upturn in data synchronization between the mobile client and the company’s Dynamics CRM server. It has become not only more stable, but significantly faster as well.

The sales guys on-the-go really liked the switch. Using the new app enables them to better visualize records on a map and the gives them the possibility to send out PDF reports from their mobile devices, Sojan explained.

Advantages of the New App

Feature Richness

Resco Mobile CRM comes package, not simply just as an addition to the desktop Microsoft Dynamics CRM client. The number of features and functions that are buried in the app are one of the main factors why AUI appreciated the whole migration process. Including maps and navigation, document management support, email & call integration, and more.

Offline Invoices & “Offline everything“

Our sales staff utilizes the Resco Mobile app in offline mode oftentimes. It is necessary to have instant access to invoices on a mobile device and have them signed on the spot, especially when delivering foods to pastry chefs. Sojan explained.

This is one of the motives why CRM adoption among the team rapidly increased. In addition to being a more intuitive solution – Resco encourages the users to naturally prefer using the mobile CRM to save time. They simply do their job all at once, wherever they happen to be, regardless the connectivity. They can work as if they were online and the app will automatically sync as soon as the connection is available again.

Support & Communication – less fallout issues, bugs, crashes

Sojan and his team stated that they did not experience any major issues – either during the implementation, nor while working with the Resco app. The overall satisfaction with the support team speaks for itself.

The implementation was easy and smooth. Resco’s support and sales team has always been very responsive and have always provided us with timely and correct answers. I appreciate that I never heard ‘cannot be done’ from Resco’s side said Sojan about the benefits of Resco’s support.

Sojan added that the support provided by IT for the mobile app went up by 90% when switched from CWR to Resco.

Other Benefits

Improved adoption, increased trust, faster support: AUI has significantly enriched the learning experience and streamlined the user adoption curve of the Resco Mobile CRM app. Thanks to its intuitiveness, simplicity and offline-ready processes, Resco has earned long-term trust & loyalty among AUI users.


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