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One of the leading Red Bull distributors optimizes store inspection processes with mobility

One of the leading Red Bull distributors optimizes store inspection processes with mobility

About Jet Import

Jet Import is one of the Benelux area’s leading distributors of 50+ premium beverages and snacks, including Red Bull (Belgium and Luxembourg), Fever-Tree, Sol Beer, Desperados, Heineken, and more. Thanks to a driven sales and marketing approach to hospitality, retail and impulse, this young, progressive, and rapidly growing company has the expertise to build strong brands.

With 140 million euros of annual turnover, the company makes for a top-notch premium drink distributor. Ten out of its 110 employees are based in the Netherlands; the rest focuses on the Belgium market.

Business Challenge

In 1996, Stefaan Bettens, the current CEO at Jet Import, introduced Red Bull to the Belgium market as the very first energy drink. Ever since such daring and high-performing products became the guiding principle behind the company’s product portfolio. Today, Jet Import has grown into a full-fledged company with a leading position in the retail, petrol station, and catering & hospitality industries. With core values like innovation, a high standard of quality, profitability and drive, the leading Belgium and Luxembourg Red Bull distributor always strives to meet 100% customer satisfaction. It all comes down to protecting the consumers and protecting distributed brands and products.

Considering the Food & Beverage industry enormous scale & competitive landscape, each firm must think of advanced inspection business systems to check, detect, and quickly solve all (even potential) issues.


Jet Import is very keen on innovating store inspection processes of distributed brands. Having information about each store, current promotions, and purchases or ability to plan, execute and analyze the goods’ merchandising activities are just a couple of ‘must-have’ requirements for enhanced store inspection workflow.

To overcome this challenge, Resco’s trusted partner & Salesforce gold consulting partner Cloud Innovation recommended its full-fledged accelerator called CPG 360 to master daily retail inspection-related activities.
CPG 360 is a vertical solution primarily based on Resco and Salesforce technology.

We were already using Salesforce, and therefore, we were seeking a solution that would be a perfect match for our sales reps & merchandisers. Cloud Innovation approached us, recommending going for a cloud app designed on a powerful and trusted technology. We gave CPG 360 a try and quickly realized it could help us timely discuss promotions, place orders, check pricing & usage of promotional materials in stores, and more. Silke Govaert, Data Analyst at Jet Import


From the point when Jet Import implemented and started utilizing CPG 360 onwards, they have seen how simple it is to complete the whole inspection process from A to Z within one solution.

Company has 35 users in the field, inspecting the stores daily. The most significant advantage, the mobile users have not seen anywhere else is the possibility to avoid network problems thanks to the reliable and unlimited offline functionality of the app.

Easy-to-make custom screens

One of the very sought-after aspects of Resco’s app is the ability to create verticals and design the app to fit any industry and use case truly. The custom screens, custom icons, and the overall branding is an easy nut to crack, even with zero coding experience.

Interactive map view

When preparing for a retail store visit, map, GPS, and route planning are commonly used features while on-the-go. Jet Import’s field reps prefer personalized views, where they can switch between alternative views per preference. Using the view of selected accounts, contacts, leads, or any other records, which have GPS coordinates comes handy.

Inspections with editable check-lists

The reps become more productive while they can now calculate the duration of each retail store visit based on check-in and check-out time. Another strong functionality of the robust Inspections app is automated scheduling of the appointments based on a set of customizable profiles and access to a KPI screen with information about the store at fingertips. They complete each visit with editable check-lists – regardless connection and send the report to the back office right away.

Offline mode + high speed

Even in countries like Belgium and the Netherlands, stable Internet connection at stores can be tricky.

We can rely on CPG 360 at all times, even if we go completely offline. Sometimes field inspectors even prefer the offline mode, where they can continue working with the data without limits. On top of all, the offline app is much faster when it does not depend on the Internet. Silke Govaert, Data Analyst at Jet Import


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