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Enterprise Inns achieves 25% increase of completed property inspections with Resco

Enterprise Inns achieves 25% increase of completed property inspections with Resco


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Enterprise Inns. is Britain’s largest pub company. With 5000 pubs across England & Wales, it makes running a pub accessible by renting out its sites and equipment. Each pub is run by its own local publican, employing local people, and supporting local suppliers. As the company grew, they needed a solution that would help their field staff provide more client support and service – essential for smooth operation of each site. Since adopting Resco Inspections and Resco Mobile Sales, Enterprise Inn’s Property Maintenance and Operations teams complete 25% more property inspections and deliver detailed client overviews, further supporting the company’s business expansion.

Business challenge

CRM is among Enterprise Inns’ core business tools, but the desktop version wasn’t particularly loved by the company’s mobile workforce. Originally, they used to access it through Outlook. However, that wasn’t very user-friendly, nor particularly fast. So the company looked for a way to mobilize their Microsoft Dynamics CRM for 300 field workers.

Initially, they hired an offshore software development company to build a mobile solution from scratch.

However, the result turned out to be more of a container for the web browser application with limited functionality. Furthermore, the implementation wasn’t as fast as projected and the costs were nowhere near the initial quotes. We soon realized we needed a different solution and started researching different options, Andy Darby, CRM Development Manager at Enterprise Inns, clarified


The new solution needed to be mature, reliable, and easily customizable for property maintenance and operations use case scenarios. And of course, integrated with the company’s existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. After evaluating other solutions, Enterprise Inns chose Resco’s Inspections and Mobile Sales solutions to address the diverse needs of the organization.

Streamlined property inspections

The property maintenance team members, who visit the pubs, are responsible for the buildings and equipment condition. Utilizing Resco Inspections, property they have created a survey form that the inspectors fill out in their dedicated Inspections app. It guides them through a top-to-bottom inspection of the property, to ensure that everything is in order. If they find any defects, they can immediately note them, take a picture or even a video. Right in the app they can also draw up a schedule of repairs.

And if there’s an issue that is the publican’s responsibility, our guys can immediately create and e-mail PDF reports to publicans, so they know what needs their attention, Andy revealed

Complete account overview on the go

On the other hand, Enterprise Inns’ Operations team consists regional managers who are in touch with the publicans daily. To them, Resco Mobile Sales enables to record all their interactions, and get an instant access to vital information. From the details about the last supply order to an overview of a pub’s planned business activities. As Andy Darby explained:

Each regional manager is looking after and regularly visiting about 50 to 60 pubs. Resco Mobile Sales app allows them to keep a complete overview of each account and our products and services, efficiently plan visits, and react to any unexpected inquiries right on the spot.


25% more completed property maintenance inspections

Since implementing Resco Inspections, Enterprise Inn’s Property Maintenance team are able to complete approximately a quarter more site visits in the same time frame.

Complete overview of all accounts on the go and in the back office

From the details about the last supply order to an overview of a pub’s planned business activities. Regional managers have all information about their accounts just a tap away. At the same time, any updates they make are also visible to the back office. With instant access to all client data, regional managers can also offer exceptional customer service - from marketing advice, trade building ideas, collateral to award winning training courses that further extend Enterprise Inns’ business.

Saving the budget with less hardware

Enterprise Inns were able to significantly reduce the number of devices mobile workers are required to carry around and thus reduce the amount spent on hardware. Instead of lugging a phone, laptop, camera, memory stick and a GPS, employees now only use the Resco apps on iPhones or iPads.

Keeping the customization in-house

From an IT perspective, the goal was to keep the customization of the mobile solution with the in-house CRM development team. Furthermore, Resco publishes major updates of its solutions quarterly. Therefore, Enterprise Inns always have a steady stream of new capabilities to consider. Additionally, the solution allowed the company easily incorporate user feedback to their applications. They were able to tailor the apps specifically to both user groups, rather than having a one-size-fits-all tool, which assured quick adoption of both Resco Inspections and Mobile Sales.


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