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New York restaurant supplier cuts down delivery routing from 6 hours to 30 minutes

New York restaurant supplier cuts down delivery routing from 6 hours to 30 minutes

About I. Halper Paper & Supplies Inc.

For almost a century the Halper family has been providing quality products and services to the restaurant and food service industry in the greater New York and New Jersey area. “Service as it should be,” was the motto of the founder Max Halper, still driving the company 108 years later.

From high volume sports concessions to local catering halls and restaurants, Halper recognizes the individual needs of each customer. And dealing with dedicated suppliers assures consistency and dependability in pricing and service. Today, the company goes beyond the paper bag: Custom designed imprinting, logos, and an ever-expanding product line featuring innovative concepts and designs give businesses a distinctive advantage. All of which makes I.Halper the preferred local source for food service disposables.

Business Challenge

Operating in the 21st century has required a series of investments to rise to the service demands of customers in a fast-paced, digital world. One of the essential areas is keeping I. Halper‘s IT environment up-to-date and flexible.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM already in place, most recently I. Halper were challenged with an insufficient customer order and delivery routing solution that wasn’t keeping up with their expanding requirements.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP software’s routing application add-on allocated their invoices to the proper routes, but it lacked a visual front-end. That means that the field service’s team couldn’t see the allocations on a map and make on-the-fly adjustments.


They needed an interactive tool that would allow them to visualize, on a color-coded map, all the orders that were set for the next day’s delivery.

And for any given route, they wanted to be able to update both the delivery route and/or the specific stop number and have those changes reflected— in real time— within their Microsoft Dynamics GP.

To deliver this functionality, Halper’s software implementation partner, MIBAR, were looking for a tool that was flexible enough to allow the plotting of routing data on a map while also providing a quick and easy user interface for making changes and updates on the go as well.

They chose Resco Cloud which directly connects with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and provides a flexible mapping solution and a mobile component.

MIBAR then leveraged Scribe’s platform to configure integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Now, I. Halper’s team members use the Resco app to effortlessly access delivery and routing information and to make all necessary adjustments and changes to their data.


Extensive time savings

The primary benefit and result is a user-friendly delivery routing process that no longer takes over 6 hours to accomplish. Now, I. Halper’s staff can set up and optimize delivery routing in less than 30 minutes, saving over 90% of the time originally required to do so.

Real-time data from the road

The company’s field service team can not only see the deliveries they have scheduled, but are able to make required modifications. Based on the actual situation they can update the delivery route and the order of stops simply by tapping into the interactive, color-coded map – with the changes instantly available to the back office.

Working across all types of devices

The Resco app runs across all major operating system and devices. Be it a phone or tablet; iOS, Android or Windows; the field team can effortlessly access and work with the information. No extensive hardware investments required.


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