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Leading manufacturer of roofing solutions undergoes digital transformation implementing Mobile CRM

Leading manufacturer of roofing solutions undergoes digital transformation implementing Field Sales+

About Derbigum – Imperbel nv/sa

Derbigum, a Belgian firm specializing in energy-saving roofing materials, is a dedicated user of Resco Field Sales+. This CRM has played a pivotal role in enhancing their sales and customer service processes, leading to a significant boost in efficiency. With roots dating back to 1932, this family-owned company is headquartered in Lot near Brussels. Over the decades, Derbigum has evolved from a traditional manufacturer of waterproof roofing solutions to a global player in ecological, sustainable products & services, offering customers peace of mind.

Its production sites are located in Belgium (Lot & Perwez) and in the United States (Kansas City), with regional offices also in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, South-Africa and the United States.

Derbigum employs 430 people worldwide – 200 of them in Belgium – and reached a consolidated net turnover of €111,500,000 in 2017. It produces about 11.4 million m² of roofing membranes per year, and its liquid products account for approximately 3.6 million kg per year.

Business challenge

Over the last few years Derbigum realized that investment in digital tools enables them to utilize more information sources and data about customers. Preferences and behavior can be understood better, which in turn enables the company to foresee and adapt the product and service offering to customers’ needs.

The administrative part of the sales reps’ work needed to be done in the company’s Dynamics CRM. That didn’t enable them to efficiently add and access information on the go. Nor was it convenient to walk around with a laptop during a customer visit. Looking up a record or updating data required to start up the computer, connect to the guest Wi-Fi, and launch the CRM system. It wasn’t a process contributing positively to the customers’ experience and perception of Derbigum. Therefore, sales reps typically postponed administrative tasks to the end of the day, or even later.

Derbigum required a mobile solution that would help organize and streamline the work process for their sales personnel. The application needed to provide an efficient, user-friendly environment and facilitate easy access to business data and relevant CRM functionality – at all times, wherever salesmen happened to be.

The solution

Since the company was already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Admiral Dynamics – Derbigum’s implementation partner – suggested Resco Field Sales+ as the most suitable mobile solution.

The Resco app integrates directly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and gives access to all data relevant for Derbigum’s salesmen. It also works in an offline mode in case internet isn’t available. Once connection has been re-established, all data collected while offline are automatically synchronized with the CRM.

We’ve made a clear strategic choice to invest in further developing relationships with prospects and customers. We are convinced this is the key to reinforce our position on the market and that this approach supports the growth of our organization. The introduction of a mobile app for our sales team, based on Resco technology, is an important step. It enables our representatives to organize sales activities in a much more efficient way and focus exclusively on the customer’s experience, Philippe Lathouwers, Derbigum’s Executive Director noted.

Derbigum’s sales representatives now utilize Resco Field Sales+ on their iPads every day – planning sales visits, following up on opportunities, and most importantly providing professional customer service with all required information easily accessible throughout their visits.


Boost for sales productivity

Providing a tool which empowers people to perform their tasks and facilitates their operational capabilities, delivered higher efficiency and increased the sales process productivity.

After introducing Resco Field Sales+, the number of newly recorded accounts grew by 15%. And sales reps are now capable to complete 20% more customer visits than before.

Simplifying sales reps’ lives

Our sales team is constantly on the road and they needed a powerful tool for their day-to-day prospection operations. The mobile app by Resco clearly delivered a user-friendly, sales-supporting solution, confirmed Victor Marbach, Digital Journey Manager at Derbigum.

Sales personnel now have constant access to all CRM data; can easily prepare for each customer visit, including planning their daily route; effortlessly complete necessary administrative tasks; and they are able to more promptly follow up opportunities with real-time information.

Unifying the sales process across Europe

Derbigum decided to deploy Resco Field Sales+ in all its European branches. For this kind of project, a phased and well-structured approach was required to ensure a successful outcome. Based on a number of exchanges with their sales department and using Resco’s Woodford configuration tool, Admiral Dynamics was able to implement Resco Field Sales+ across Derbigum’s European offices in October 2017 – unifying the company’s sales process across the entire continent.

Sending out a positive message

In the construction industry, Derbigum is perceived as a brand that’s always looking to set the pace and invest in the future. Implementing a state-of-the-art mobile solution sends out a positive signal and aligns perfectly with their continuous search for innovation both on products and services. Providing a mobile application for sales teams has been another step taken towards further strengthening relationships with customers and prospects.


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