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Managing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning tech and services with Resco Cloud

Managing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning tech and services with Resco Cloud

About innogy Solutions s.r.o.

innogy Solutions provides unique heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) management technologies and services to enterprises and business customers.

The company’s solutions help to optimize energy efficiency and property comfort while reducing operating costs. innogy Solution’s goal is to deliver state-of-the-art HVAC solutions for greener buildings through passion for innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Business Challenge

Originally, innogy Solutions’ data regarding their HVAC service operations (service records, manuals, photo documentation, etc.) had been stored on a local company server. However, this made accessing vital information cumbersome and inconvenient for technicians in the field.

Furthermore, customers’ contact information had been scattered across phone books and Outlook address books of both managers and service technicians.

Calls between our people going “Please can you send me the contact information of this or that customer?” have become ever more frequent – simply because we didn’t have a centralized system where this information would be easily accessible, Frantisek Pochanic, Service Manager at innogy Solutions, described.

Therefore, the company’s main goal was to find a comprehensive solution that would enable them to effectively store, manage and access vital business information. At the same time, they wanted to reduce the use of paper forms and take their work processes to the digital age.

We needed a system that would enable us to handle both regular maintenance and emergency repairs from start to finish. And also, to review and evaluate the effectiveness of our service activities, Frantisek Pochanic added.


After comparing their requirements against various available solutions, innogy Solutions decided to implement Resco Cloud.

It allowed them to bring together essential data “under one roof” and make it accessible also to field technicians.

innogy Solutions now has their evidence of machinery, service activities, customer and contact details all within a single cloud-based system.

Reporting an issue, assigning a technician, scheduling a service visit, ordering spare parts and finalizing a repair – all of these activities are now completed faster and more efficiently via Resco Cloud, Marek Sugar, innogy Solution’s IT Specialist, confirmed.

Furthermore, the Resco mobile app, which is a part of the solution, enables service technicians to access and update required information in any situation, and always deliver exceptional customer service.


All in one place for streamlined planning

Bringing everything together within Resco Cloud significantly reduced the administrative workload of innogy’s managers.

Having one central hub to keep up with all service activities cuts down on paperwork and administrative tasks. Our managers can focus more on the big picture and client needs. And on top of that, it also speeds up the onboarding of new employees, Marek Sugar added.

Full offline functionality

The Resco mobile app enables service technicians to work with information stored in Resco Cloud even when there’s no Internet connection.

Machine rooms and other facilities where heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment is installed are not famous for their Wi-fi or cellular connection. But those are precisely the places where our techs spend most of their working hours. Luckily, with the Resco app they can work with records and documents from the system even there. And any changes they make are automatically uploaded when they’re back online, Marek explained.

Quick search with QR codes

One of the most popular features among the company’s service technicians, is the possibility to easily look up machines just by scanning a QR codes.

After scanning the sticker with a code, the app quickly identifies the machine from innogy Solution’s database. Based on that, it can also fill in the related details to forms – saving time and effort, so the techs can swiftly proceed with the job without any holdups.

Scaling and extendibility opportunities

innogy implemented Resco Cloud themselves, only with the assistance of Resco’s reliable support team. To extend their system with Resco Inspections and Routes functionality, Resco has also helped Innogy to select an established implementation partner, Millennium, who will assist them with developing the project even further.


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