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Transforming the FMCG market with business mobility

Transforming the FMCG market with business mobility

About Avento

Avento is a long-time implementation partner of customer engagement solutions based on technology from Microsoft and Resco. Avento enables customers’ field staff to stay productive at any time, in any place, both online and offline. Providing seamless interactions between the workforce in the field and office staff, it enables companies to share vital insights and effectively manage and execute their business strategy.

To guide businesses through digital transformation, Avento’s staff are not only pure-blooded IT specialists, but skilled change managers. They enable effective collaboration between a client’s back office and field teams, so the latter can always fully concentrate on the customer.

On top of state-of-the-art technology, Avento also provides coaching, training and communication to ensure successful digital transformation. Its FMCG365 solution helps companies such as Henkel, Brewery Boon, Duvel Moortgat, Detry, Field Resource, Het Anker, Limarc, The Java Coffee Company to claim and maintain leading positions in the FMCG sector.

Business Challenge

At the end of 2011, Avento was looking for a reliable and effective way to mobilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The key requirements were to find a mobile solution that would run on iOS, Android, Windows and that was compatible with Dynamics CRM 2011 (the current version at the time). For Avento it was also essential that the mobile solution would support the future incarnations of Dynamics CRM – with growing number of opportunities, they planned to make mobility one of the pillars of their business. And let’s not forget the necessity for the app to be fully functional
even offline.

Avento was aiming for a mobile solution that would help customers who were struggling with Dynamics CRM. The challenge was to provide a solution that would make the use of CRM on the go much more comfortably, so it would be used more intensively. At the same time this mobile tool had to be flexible and customizable to each client’s use case.


Avento encountered Resco for the first time at the Extreme CRM convention in Berlin, in January 2012. After learning about the Resco Mobile CRM application, they found it a perfect match for the solution they were preparing for Bekaert Deslee – with sales reps constantly traversing the globe, it was crucial for them to have their CRM information available at all times. Even offline, when in flight mode.

From there on, Resco Mobile CRM has become a major part in numerous Avento projects. Entirely customized, the app (together with Dynamics 365) enables Avento to provide a complete solution for the fast moving consumer goods industry – Avento FMCG365. It is fully compatible also with Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016, so Avento can deliver mobility for any CRM deployment, online or on-premises. Ultimately, FMCG365 enables companies to achieve desired commercial results from their field force spending the right time with the right customers, in the right channel, armed
with the right information and executing the right actions.

A prime example of this approach is Het Anker. The renowned Belgian beer brewery and whiskey distillery, implemented FMCG365 in order to profitably grow its international business with a large number of B2B customers.


Speedy implementation

Efficient customizability was one of the most important requirements. FMCG365 solution required only simple drag & drop customizations to meet the challenges Het Anker was facing. Using Resco’s Woodford configuration tool and with all the changes instantly available across iOS, Android, and Windows, Avento was able to significantly cut down the time and effort needed to deliver the project. The complete implementation process – from initial analysis to company-wide launch of the solution – took merely 3 months.

Improved data quality and deeper customer understanding

With a clear-cut interface, requiring just minimal user training, FMCG365 enables field reps to instantly capture any relevant information. To Het Anker it delivers consistent business insights across the entire organization. Resulting in better understanding of customers and the ability to anticipate their future needs.

Scalability and ROI

Another important factor for Het Anker was the scalability of FMCG365. The solution offers modular buildup of additional features, so companies can easily incorporate new capabilities whenever required. Het Anker currently utilize FMCG365 for account management, appointment handling, assortment management and complaint handling, and already plan to extend their usage further.

The mobile application also provides uniform and more efficient way of working in the field. That frees up time, enables reps to visit more customers and work with them in a more targeted way. The ultimate goal was to make users love using the app, so that it can deliver true value and return on the investment.

Effective partner collaboration

In Resco, Avento found a fitting technology partner to deliver its FMCG365 solution to a wide range of customers.

The Resco team is always open to feedback and interested in suggestions that can further improve the application. Our mutual communication is open and very straightforward – both in commercial and technical discussions. And the response time and quality of the support department is off the charts.

We’ve been invited to joint deals and recommended to prospects by Resco, and also delivered sessions at the annual conference, which is a great platform to reach new audiences. And at the same time a handy opportunity for us to learn about latest and upcoming developments of mobile technology and Resco products. Lee Yudhira, Avento’s Operations Lead summed up.


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