Case study
Scania brings detailed business & customer insights for its sales teams on the road

Scania brings detailed business & customer insights for its sales teams on the road

About Scania

Scania is a world-leading provider of transportation solutions. In 2017, the company delivered 82,472 trucks, 8,305 buses as well as 8,521 industrial and marine engines to its customers. Its net sales rose to a record high €11.3 billion, an increase of 15% compared to the previous year.

Since its foundation in 1891 in Sodertalje, Scania’s continuous innovation has made it one of the most renowned manufacturers of heavy trucks and buses. Today, it operates in more than 100 countries and employs around 49,300 people.
The company’s research and development are still concentrated in Sweden, with branches in Brazil and India. Production takes place in Europe, Latin America and Asia, with regional production centers in Africa, Asia and Eurasia as well.

Business Challenge

The sales staff of Scania’s division in the Central European Region (CER) are meeting with customers mainly outside of their offices. So, when visiting clients at their properties, mobility became a key demand. In ever-changing conditions on the go, the sales representatives required an easy-to-use mobile solution to work with key information stored in the company’s Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Within Scania’s sales team there are various roles which are reflected in the CRM system – such as new truck salesmen, bus salesmen, services salesmen, etc. Each group has different demands and needs to access different information in the field as well. A one-size-fits-all solution would not fit the requirements. Therefore, Scania was looking for a mobile solution it would be able to effectively customize for different user roles.


Considering all the key requirements, Scania CER has decided to equip its sales staff with the Resco Mobile CRM application. The ease-of-use and ability to configure the mobile app for different user groups were the key factors that influenced their decision.

The Resco app has since become a key tool for Scania’s salespeople. It enables sales and customer service teams to access and manage business data in real time, wherever they are. Using Resco, they can also collaborate within teams faster and more intensively.

And with Resco’s Woodford configuration tool, Scania were able to conveniently create a customized version of the app for different user groups.

“For each of the multiple roles the user interface could be easily customized. Including menus and forms, but also functionality that helps to increase the productivity of our salesforce,” described Marian Navratil, Head of Project and Process Management at Scania CER.


Streamlining customer visit management

After implementing Resco, Scania has received exceptionally positive feedback from their sales team regarding the solution.

Before meeting with the client, sales reps now schedule the appointment from their mobile device. They also use the app’s built-in map view and navigation to plan travel to the customer’s location. While in the meeting, the Resco app allows them to effortlessly add notes and even record voice memos. And when they finish the visit they can immediately create an opportunity from the appointment, which is then further handled and ultimately closed by the staff at the back office.

Entirely customized app for every team

The Resco app is not only easy to use for the reps. For each Scania sales role the application is conveniently configured via the Woodford configuration tool – giving various user groups a tool tailored specifically to their job requirements. From bus to service salesmen, each team now has a mobile solution that allows them to work with precisely the CRM information they need.

Saving time with advanced mobile features

Scania’s sales representatives highly appreciate the app’s advanced functionalities – such as the capability to convert speech into text.

“This enables them to save time and take notes even in situations when their hands aren’t free to type. For example, they can dictate notes which will be added to the appointment record even while safely driving to/from a meeting,” explained Marian Navratil, Head of Project and Process Management at Scania CER.

Another highly regarded feature is the possibility to view accounts (or other records) on a map. It helps to provide better sense of the representative’s area and improves the planning of visits. And salesmen can also instantly launch navigation from the Resco app that will direct them all the way to their clients’ doorsteps.

Ready for future expansion

Additionally, the successful implementation at Scania’s CER division is a cornerstone for further international collaboration with Resco on other markets as well.


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