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Enhancing team collaboration and customer interactions of medical reps on the go

Enhancing team collaboration and customer interactions of medical reps on the go

About R-Pharm Group

R-Pharm is a Russian high-tech company, focusing on production and supply of pharmaceutical products for hospitals and secondary care. It employs more than 3500 professionals in 60 branches and offices across Europe, Asia and the United States.

The company’s portfolio consists of medical products for various pharmaceutical groups, including those applied in oncology, hematology, cardiology, and immunology as well as antibacterial, anti-viral preparations and products used in organ transplantation, treatment of disseminated sclerosis and diabetes.

R-Pharm operates a plant for production of finished dosage forms and a fullcycle plant for manufacturing of Mab-based drugs in Yaroslavl. It also runs further manufacturing facilities in Novosibirsk, Kostroma region and a pilot production plant in the Moscow region.

Business Challenge

With extensive team of medical sales representatives visiting hospitals, pharmacies and countless other secondary health-care facilities, R-Pharm was looking to implement a unified solution to store the most complete data on clients and organizations. Furthermore, they needed a convenient system to keep up with their medical representatives on the road and assess their performance.

Automating all stages of medical reps’ work including the scheduling and monitoring of visits, the recording of results, and ensuring that the history of interactions with clients is up-to-date and readily accessible was also at the top of R-Pharm’s priorities.


The company decided to implement Pharma CRM by its CRM

implementation partner Navicon for 300 employees. The solution bundles Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the back office with the Resco Mobile CRM client fully customized for the staff on the go.

It enabled the company to streamline medical representatives’ operations at every stage, including the scheduling and monitoring of the visits, and logging in the records. The app tailored specifically to the medical reps’ needs, runs smoothly across their iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices.

When we were looking at how to provide mobility for our Pharma CRM, we needed a solution that would work offline, that we could customize entirely and would be easy to connect with Dynamics CRM. And not just the latest version – we wanted support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 all the way up to 365. Resco ticked all the boxes and we’ve utilized its Mobile CRM app not only for Pharma CRM but within our FMCG salesforce automation solution as well. Elena Subbotina, Marketing Communications Director at Navicon explained.


A complete solution for pharma industry

Built on Dynamics CRM and Resco Mobile CRM, R-Pharm received a complete solution developed specifically for the pharma vertical.

Being an industry specific-solution developed exactly for the pharmaceutical sector, Navicon Pharma CRM gives us the optimal tools for our marketing and field force management. Based on the results achieved on the first months of using it in Russia, we decided to deploy the solution at our office in Kazakhstan as well. Fedor Karpov, Head of Sales Effectiveness Department at R-Pharm confirmed.

Real time data availability

Mobility enables medical representatives not only effectively collect data and record client information in Resco Mobile CRM’s user-friendly interface.

Their KPIs and client-related performance for each rep, as well as the consolidated performance for the whole department, area, or product line, can be also tracked in real time. Furthermore, the flexible access settings enable even mobile users to access data based on their geographical location and their standing within the corporate hierarchy.

Enhancing collaboration across teams

Implementing Navicon Pharma CRM also enhanced the processes across different teams at R-Pharm. Medical reps on the road collect and sync data to the back office. There, thanks to the integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX, the accounting team work with the freshest data. And also the managers can prepare up-to-date analytical reports using Power BI and QlikView. Ultimately, various teams are able to make decisions not a day or two days later, but they always know about the latest development from the very moment it occurred.

Faster information search and insightful customer interactions

Utilizing the mobile capabilities of Navicon Pharma CRM, medical representatives can better interact with customers during their onsite visits.

The Resco app enables them to have all required information readily available on their phone or tablet. For example they can access any product details, eliminating the unpopular “I’m not sure, but let me e-mail you when I get back to the office,” answer.

The information search is now approximately 50 to 100% faster as the reps have everything literally at their fingertips.


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