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Automating pharmaceutical and FMCG sales processes with Resco Mobile CRM

Automating pharmaceutical and FMCG sales processes with Resco Mobile CRM

About Navicon Group

Navicon is the leader among Russian companies providing IT consulting and system integration services. Established in 2002, the company currently has over 250 employees on staff and focuses primarily on the pharmaceutical, FMCG and retail, distribution, and professional services industries. Navicon is also the only Russian system integrator on Gartner’s list of CRM providers for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Thanks to its vast expertise, Navicon has successfully implemented over 450 projects for both Russian and international companies, including Sberbank CIB, Heineken Russia, R-Pharm, Sanofi, Bayer, Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting and many others.

Business Challenge

When Navicon was working on their solutions for the pharma and FMCG industries based on Dynamics 365/CRM, they needed a mobile component which could be used to maximize the efficiency and productivity of sales reps in the field. They wanted to ensure real-time information exchange between the representatives and the back office, and also to monitor sales teams’ performance.

The mobile solution needed to be highly customizable, work across all major mobile platforms, and be fully functional even without Internet connection.

As Elena Subbotina, Navicon’s Marketing Communications Director, explained: When we were looking at how to add mobility to our Pharma CRM and FMCG SFA solutions, we had several key requirements: We needed a solution that would work offline, that we could customize entirely, and would be easy to connect with Dynamics 365/CRM. And not just the latest version – we wanted support all the way, from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 up to Dynamics 365.


The Resco Mobile CRM app ticked all the boxes, so Navicon decided to incorporate it within its Pharma CRM and FMCG SFA. It is fully compatible with online and on-premises deployments of Dynamics 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, as well as Dynamics 365. Resco also connects directly to Dynamics utilizing standard Microsoft Web Services – so there’s no middleware that could present additional security concerns.

Furthermore, Resco’s configuration tool – Woodford – enables to entirely customize the app and deploy it with a single click across iOS, Android and Windows devices.

For Navicon, Resco was a better fit than the default Dynamics 365 mobile app also because it offered more possibilities to tailor the application – not only its functionality, but also its look and feel, allowing to use custom branding across the entire solution.

Simply put, Resco is the only solution that works across all major operating systems, all required CRM deployments, both online and offline. And on top of that offers unrivalled customization options, Elena Subbotina noted

Ultimately, Resco Mobile CRM enabled Navicon to provide all-around solutions for pharma and FMCG customers, which are now utilized by industry leaders such as R-Pharm and Petrovax Pharm.


Complete solutions for pharma and FMCG

By combining Dynamics 365/CRM for back office use and Resco Mobile CRM for teams in the field, Navicon delivers comprehensive solutions developed specifically for the pharmaceutical and FMCG industry verticals.

Having the mobile part of the solution entirely tailored, enables Navicon to provide all the tools that help customers to effectively manage their sales processes in the field.

Range of customization possibilities

The flexibility of the mobile app and its configuration tool was another important aspect that played part in why Navicon decided for Resco.

Resco offers great possibilities of tailoring the application without coding – settings of colors, pictures, styles, buttons, views and much more.

Especially useful are business rules and the fact they can be applied in different situations (on start, on close, on save of the record) and the ability to show fields from other entities in views and lookups. There were several cases, where we found Resco even more flexible than Dynamics 365/CRM itself, Elena Subbotina, Marketing Communications Director at Navicon summarized.

Insightful customer interactions and access to information even offline

With business data always in their phone or tablet, representatives can better interact with customers during on-site visits. The Resco Mobile CRM app enables them to have all required information readily available, even offline. They can access product details anytime, eliminating the unpopular “I’m not sure, but let me e-mail you when I get back to the office,” answer.

Boosting sales reps’ productivity by 25-50%

Implementing mobility as part of Pharma CRM and the FMCG SFA helped Navicon’s customers to enhance the productivity of their sales representatives on the go by 25 to 50%. On average sales reps managed to complete approximately 8 customer visits per day. Once they’ve added the mobile app to their daily routine, the number of completed visits has grown to 10 – 12 visits per day.


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