Case study

More customer insights and less administrative tasks for the sales team


KOMPAN design, manufacture, install, and maintain playgrounds in 90 countries across the world. With 1000 new playgrounds per month KOMPAN is after 50 years in business the world’s largest provider of playgrounds and outdoor fitness solutions.

The company offers both timeless classics and out-of-this-world innovations, so customers can choose a unique solution – large or small. The unique playgrounds and fitness areas wow children and fitness users to come play or exercise with their curiosity generating designs. The endless playing possibilities and flexible fitness equipment keep the users entertained and wanting to come back. The benefit is that while playing or exercising, the users become healthier, happier, and can even generate new friendships.

The customers are municipalities, schools, preschools, housing, campaign grounds, hotels, etc.

Business Challenge

In 2015, when our project started, the mobile offering that was included with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, was not very configurable and did not work offline properly, remembered Stig Højmark Jensen, CRM Manager at KOMPAN.

However, KOMPAN’s sales representatives spend a lot of their time on the road and can’t rely on constant Internet connection. They needed an app that enabled users to work completely offline for an entire day.

Also stability and configurability were key requirements for us. We wanted the sales reps to have easy access to the tasks that they still need to fulfill while on the go, without complicated navigation, Stig noted.


When we were looking for a mobile solution that would provide our field team reliable access to Dynamics, Resco was recommended to us for its exceptional customer support. And on top of its full offline functionality and system stability, the possibility to configure the app to the user’s needs, and effortlessly deliver it across Android, iOS and Windows was also an important factor, Stig Højmark Jensen said about KOMPAN’s decision to choose Resco.

Today, 150 of KOMPAN’s sales reps around the globe, use Resco for daily fulfilment of tasks, updates on Opportunities, lead calling, and communication with various sales support functions when designing and delivering highly-tailored playgrounds and outdoor gym solutions to customers.


Offline mode & configurability

We wanted an app, that enabled users to work completely offline for an entire day on the road, even without any Internet connection. Resco delivered precisely that, confirmed Stig Højmark Jensen, CRM Manager at KOMPAN.

Furthermore, the ability to configure the app and have the changes immediately reflected across all platforms saves KOMPAN’s IT team a lot of time and effort.

Less time spent on administrative tasks

Feedback from our users revealed, that they can now cut down the time at their home office, after they return from the field.

When you compare it to our previous system, where the staff could only access the CRM system and complete the related administrative tasks from their desks, it really makes a significant difference.

Expanded communication transparency

KOMPAN have also implemented chat into their Resco mobile app, so comments and requests about ongoing opportunities can be exchanged through adding posts in the CRM.

These are shown as chat messages in the app, making the communication more transparent to all users working on the same deal – especially when compared to emails and calls, that were the only way to reach a sales rep in the field before the company implemented Resco.

Inspiration for further improvement

We also attended the conference, Resco’s annual event on business mobility. From there, we came back with a lot of invaluable new ideas on how to tailor the solution to further help sales reps focus on the most important activities throughout their working day. Stig Højmark Jensen, KOMPAN’s CRM manager, concluded.


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