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Case study

Doubling the number of daily customer visits, from 2,000 to 4,000 with digitized field sales operations

See how Inter Cars S.A. doubled the number of daily customer visits

Inter Cars S.A. is the biggest importer and distributor of automotive spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Central and Eastern Europe. With a product range also covering garage equipment and motorcycle spare parts, Inter Cars S.A. consists of 235 branches in Poland and 200+ branches across Central and Eastern Europe.
The strategic aim of the company is to keep the position of the leader in Central and Eastern Europe and reach closer to becoming a leader across the entire continent. Accomplishing this mission leans on the strategic sales structure and distribution chain, where Inter Cars S.A. sells goods from around 500 manufacturers, including Ducati and Vespa, to approximately 21 thousand registered customers.

Business Challenge

Since its beginnings in 1990, Inter Cars S.A. has grown from a Poland-based family company into a significant player on the international scene. Its product range includes over one million spare parts for commercial and passenger cars, selling 40% of all its products in global markets.

The need to strengthen the sales team and overall sales strategy was a natural outcome of the booming demand for its extensive product portfolio. Furthermore, the company’s sales representatives spend most of the time outside the office and engage with potential clients daily.


The ever-growing scale of Inter Cars S.A. customer base emerged from the company’s strive, passion & involvement in digital transformation.

One of our main aims in daily activities is to deliver business value to our customers by dedicating adequate time to them and their queries. We wanted our sales representatives to spend less time on unnecessary manual processes and focus entirely on a client at each visit, Piotr Dyrda, B2B Sales Systems and Finance Coordinator at Inter Cars S.A. says.

The major requirements to meet the needs for an ultimate mobile sales solution were:

  • Data security
  • 100% offline capability
  • Support for any device and operating system

Resco’s premier partner, GearCode sp. z o.o., recommended the mobile technology that would blend in with the company’s existing projects and solutions: Resco’s mobile solutions work in symbiosis with Microsoft Dynamics 365 the back office was using.

We decided to implement Resco to cover two major projects. Firstly, we supplied our field sales force with enterprise mobility to make their daily meetings with prospects more effective. Plus, we made use of the auditing functionalities of the app to get closer to our clientele and branches, Piotr Dyrda, B2B Sales Systems and Finance Coordinator at Inter Cars S.A. continues.

One of the main pain points for the company when looking for an app for field operations, was the ability to quickly provide actual business value without the problems related to the diversity of mobile devices. In Resco, the reps found a solution that delivers the same performance on every device, regardless the operating system.


750 sales reps rely on Resco’s technology in their day-to-day operations, whether it comes to selling to prospects or auditing customers and branches.

Increase in the number of visits

Mobile access to all data has significant impact on the time sales representatives spend obtaining information about customers or analyzing their behavior. Therefore, each field rep can multiply the number of visits per day, and there are more salesmen available for client appointments. Ultimately, we have doubled the total number of our customer visits, from 2,000 to 4000 per day, Piotr Dyrda, B2B Sales Systems and Finance Coordinator at Inter Cars S.A. explains.

Fast implementation process

Thanks to the architecture of the solution, the implementation was focused on solving business problems, not technical issues. Resco provides data security and access to an application on different systems: iOS, Android, Windows, which made the whole process very smooth.

Data quality

The application allows users to determine the structure of the collected data, which improves data quality, and that leads to insightful decision-making processes based on the information gathered directly from the clients.

Mobile device management – 360° overview

If you are on edge, I would say: Yes, give Resco a try. The ability to manage mobile devices gives you a 360° overview of each team member — you always know when did they last sync or which devices did they work with, Piotr Dyrda, B2B Sales Systems and Finance Coordinator at Inter Cars S.A. says.

Customer care

  • Continuous development of the Resco platform

With four major releases throughout the year, Resco is in line with Inter Cars S.A. positive attitude towards digital transformation and innovations.

  • Quick support

On top of everything, I was positively surprised by the quick support from Resco’s side, even if we faced just a tiny issue, Piotr Dyrda, B2B Sales Systems and Finance Coordinator at Inter Cars S.A. summarizes.


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