Case study

Oil company makes it easy for its mechanics & trucking supervisors

About Blueknight Energy Partners, L.P.

Blueknight Energy Partners, L.P. provides the fundamental midstream services that keep energy flowing throughout the nation: gathering, transporting, terminalling and storing energy commodities. Its strategically located storage facilities, terminals and pipelines provide customers the flexibility to access multiple receipt and delivery points.

The partnership’s asset portfolio includes approximately:

  • 14.8 million barrels of storage capacity
  • 920 miles of pipeline
  • 170 crude oil transports
  • 130 producer field services trucks
  • 26 acres of development property in the Cushing Interchange
  • 40 liquid asphalt cement terminals and storage facilities

Blueknight Business Challenge

With Microsoft CRM already loaded, Blueknight Energy Partners needed to make it mobile. That was the request.

The company employs mechanics working on its transportation trucks in garages all over the United States and trucking supervisors that oversee the transportation of oil from point A to point B. Both groups needed to transform their work systems into a digital form.

They said ‘Jason, can you make a system that can replace this piece of paper?’ That was the goal. Jason Benskin, Sr. Applications Developer at Blueknight Energy Partners recalls


Blueknight Energy Partners has implemented multiple builds into Resco Mobile CRM application. One for mechanics working on trucks, other for the trucking supervisors.

Work order system for mechanics

The mechanics use a single form that captures the parts, the tires, and the hours of labor it takes to complete a work order. At the end of each work order, mechanics inspect the work that’s been completed, take pictures confirming that the work has been done, and certify it with a signature.

All of the information gets added into the CRM and now we’re getting up-to-the-minute update on the work order system. And that’s a big success. Jason reveals

An app for trucking supervisors

Pairing of trucks with trailers, inspecting the maintenance history of vehicles, assigning drivers and accepting transfers is now all done via iPads. Jason discloses:

Supervisors used to do this all on a computer; it used to take them probably hour and half to get this completed. Now they just take their finger, do a few swipes, hit save and they’re done in 10 seconds.


In-house development

The goal was to build the mobile CRM app in house, save some money and customize it to the users’ liking.

Resco Mobile CRM is the only application that I could find that I felt comfortable building on my own. On a scale 1 to 10, I am probably at 3 to 4 on ease. Jason estimates

The whole development took 6 months altogether.


Jason remembers having issues with the GPS. He needed to get a 5 feet accuracy on the map to have accurate coordinates of the hole, from which the oil was being picked up. He teamed up with Resco developers to implement a Google API to get a 5 feet accuracy on the map.

Compliance with law

A questionnaire comprising of yes or no question tree was set up by the legal and health&safety team to meet BlueKnights requirements for drive-in area inspections. The GPS location feature actually proves that a supervisor was on site while doing the inspection.

One thing I ran into, which was a little bit tricky, was that there’s one particular yes or no question–if no is checked, then a required box comes up, which they could not ignore; they actually had to fill it in because that is a legal requirement. Resco did not have that built in until recently. So that was a really big win when Resco brought an update that allows us to put mandatory fields based on a chosen answer.


A crucial part of tucking supervisors’ job is to also inspect the sites that Blueknight Energy signed up with. They are making sure the drive-in area (the area drivers are driving the transportation trucks in) is safe and there’s no leaking oil anywhere. If there is any possible hazard at sight, supervisors take pictures of the issue and save its GPS location for further investigation.

User acceptance

I just incorporated a pilot run with them and asked ‘Hey, what do you guys really want? I wanna make this easy for you.’ and they already adopted it before we went live with it.

Once the first version for the mechanics was rolled out, the word spread around. Trucking supervisors were already starting to get excited after talking to the mechanics about how awesome it was to use the application.

I went on travel and just built it right on spot with them. So on top of everything, Resco allowed me on-site development. Instead of sitting in the office, I said ‘Hey, let’s just do this, let’s build this kind of thing together.’ They were co-author of the built itself, which is a big success.


The guys really like this technology because it’s easy. Jason Benskin, Sr. Applications Developer at Blueknight Energy Partners summarizes their use of Resco Mobile CRM.


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