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  • Bayer Cropscience
  • KPMG
  • Heineken
  • Bridgestone
  • Merial
  • AutoZone
  • Danone
  • Arthrex
  • Royal Canin
  • AgFirst
  • Eterno Naturals Limited
  • Group Catalana Occiden
  • Marston's PLC
  • Benco Dental
  • AdvanDx, Inc.
  • helopal
  • Gruppo Sogegross
  • The Global Orphan Project
  • Tribanco
  • Newad Media Inc
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Insights
  • Oslo Kommune
  • Centiro Solutions AB
  • Inter Cars S.A.
  • Spacelabs Healthcare
  • Coldflow
  • Preben-Z
  • Enterprise Inns plc.
  • Aldous Systems Ltd
  • Blueknight

“Resco Mobile CRM allowed Ennis-Flint to truly mobilize our North American sales force. We are able to give the sales rep’s the records they need, allow them the ease of entering data with voice dictation, and also give them access to sales data from within our ERP system via reporting they can view while in the field. We are excited to further integrate Mobile CRM into more aspects of the company.”

Martin Doll

Applications Specialist, Ennis-Flint

“Today I built out a fully functional Resco form for the project stakeholders. They were TOTALLY blown away and love the product!”

Jonathan Kazemaini

Spruce Technology Inc.

“Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics has enabled our mobile sales force to realize great efficiency. Our deployment of Resco’s solution was both rapid and seamless; a great, affordable product.”

James Heisey

Strategic Accounts, Carlisle SynTec Systems

“We maximized the benefits within a short space of time and have received consistently positive feedback. The mobile CRM system enables our colleagues on the road to save two hours of working time every day.”

Markus Salzwimmer

IT Project Leader at Lottmann Fensterbänke GmbH.

“Our users say that Resco Mobile CRM is very intuitive and simple to use. For me as an administrator and supervisor it was also very easy to implement and teach the others how to use it.”

Martin Bloma

Supervisor at Oslo Kommune

“Resco is simple and effective, the way all good technology should be.”

John Odam-Adjei

Business Change Programme Manager, Gleeds

“Some of our sale reps preferred to access their CRM from their iPads instead of standard desktop clients.”

Eric Labashosky

Director of Application Architecture, Benco

“We chose Resco because it ticked all our boxes. We needed something that was adaptable and would really work for us.”

Nicola Whitlock

IT/Project Manager at CMS Industries

“RESCO mobile solution is an excellent product. I am extremely happy with the RESCO's support team and with their responsiveness.”

A. Kumar

NEC Australia

“My sales staff was really getting impatient because they couldn't use the Resco App. Thanks again for a super tool.” — after receiving a notification that Resco released iOS 8 compatible version

Jesper Nielsen

Managing Director at Preben Z

“RESCO is the best, bar none!! I have worked with RESCO Mobile for the past 2.5 years and it's awesome. The configurability is amazing and I have done incredible demos showing off the power of this tool kit. I wouldn't use anything else.”

Andy Grilk

Senior Enterprise Architect, FieldOne Systems LLC

“As an ITO, we have a team of training advisors who travel the country continuously interacting with our customers. Customers wanted to reduce the amount of paper used, and we wanted to create more focused and authentic customer conversations. Introducing Resco as an online/offline capable mobile solution achieved these key objectives. Training conversations now take place where they can make a difference, and digitally capturing customer signatures fulfils our obligatory statutory requirements.”

Rob McMasters

Administration Manager, HITO

“Best MS CRM mobile app: I've reviewed several solutions for mobile. Resco is the only app that gave us the flexibility and sophistication we need.”

Eric Ewing

Systems Administrator, John Day Company

“The sales reps are very satisfied with the application, they‘re using less paperwork and have more time to focus on selling and serving the clients more efficiently.”

Ernst Leemans

Sales & Distribution Project Manager, Heineken International B.V.

“I'd like to say: Big thanks for your support. You did a great job helping us resolve our issues and you are really reactive.”

Léo M. Mellah

Dynamics CRM Application Manager, Presstalis

“Thank you! As always, you guys not only provide a great product, but great support! Keep it up.”

Case Studies and Success Stories

  • Chesterton

    Watch video

    Business Systems Analyst Jim Corriveau explains how Chesterton, a company with over 500 sales and service locations around the world, leverages the benefits of Resco Mobile CRM.

  • AgFirst Farm Credit Bank

    Watch video

    AgFirst Farm Credit Bank's Business Solutions Leader Todd Campbell reveals why the company chose Resco Mobile CRM for its sales team.

  • Maxol


    Maxol provides continuous quality assurance across its network of service stations with increased support of staff and thorough inspections

  • Bayer CropScience


    One of the world’s leading innovative crop science companies goes mobile in less than 100 days.

  • Heineken


    Brewing company boosts efficiency of their sales force in Africa.

  • Bridgestone


    The desired mobile solution had to satisfy one challenging requirement; that is the possibility to work offline. Even in Europe, where Internet connectivity is generally perceived as very good.

  • Enterprise Inns


    Britain’s largest pub company simplifies access to key data and processes in the field.

  • Blueknight


    Blueknight Energy Partners has implemented multiple builds into Resco Mobile CRM application. One for mechanics working on trucks, other for the trucking supervisors.

  • Premier Glass Products


    As a sales rep agency, PGP employs almost exclusively sales representatives whose day consists of customer visits. Hence, the need for a mobile solution arose shortly after adopting a CRM solution.

  • Helopal Lottmann


    FWI Information Technology implemented the mobile CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Lottmann sales representatives, based on the native application Resco Mobile CRM.

  • CMS Industries


    Finding the missing piece: Why CMS Industries Ltd chose Resco Mobile CRM?

  • ANCA


    The key device for our sales team is their mobile phone. Everyone has a smartphone. It is the main tool for our sales staff to manage and keep up with their emails, so the plan was to find a tool that could offer similar functionality for CRM.

  • Benco


    Resco was the 4th Mobile CRM vendor that Benco evaluated. The other solutions were more complex to setup (requiring additional servers & databases) and the administration was equally as hard.

  • Grupo Catalana Occidente


    Catalana Occidente is one of Spain’s largest insurance groups, with over 4 million customers and more than 20,000 agents.

  • Oslo Kommune


    Oslo Kommune tested several mobile applications, and chose Resco's solution because its user friendly GUI, app configurator's possibilities and reasonable pricing.

  • Primary ITO


    Education Management professionals in horticulture use Mobile CRM for training course enrollments & delivery

  • Merial


    Animal pharmaceutical company sales reps use advanced multimedia presentations for enriched productivity in sales

  • Kelly Roofing


    One of America’s Top Roofing Contractors “Saves 100% in Overall Resources”

  • Made for Movement Group AS


    Healthcare company Made for Movement equips its aid consultants with Resco Mobile CRM to offer medical devices to those who really need them

  • Jacobs Douwe Egberts


    The main objective was to keep the technicians on the road and not sitting around in the office, which essentially costs money

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Mobile CRM Opportunties and Challenges

“The Resco Mobile CRM app is the best iPhone CRM app I’ve ever used. To me, it feels like the first mobile CRM app that simply works the way you expect an iPhone app to work. ”

By Richard Knudson, Magenium Solutions

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Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

“Resco Mobile CRM has been one of my top tools to create a custom app for clients. Enabling consultants to bring the customizations they did in the CRM organisation, to the customers app.”

By Koen Van de Vyver, ESC bvba

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Working with Resco Mobile CRM: Part 1 — Installation

“Resco is ridiculously easy to install and configure for most CRM’ers without the need for additional training, though it has to be said the downloadable PDF material can walk you through most configuration tasks step by step. ”

By Mark Horrocks, Intergen

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Resco vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Client

“While searching for a new solution, someone on my team suggested Resco, so we began researching it. Since Resco looked promising, we downloaded and experimented with the free trial.”

By Lexa Twist, Encore Business Solutions

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Take a picture: Exploring mobile device photo options with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

“There's one other image capability in Resco's CRM app merits a mention too — turning the screen from an image display tool into an image capture tool.”

By Mark Anderson, Contributing Writer MSDynamicsWorld

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Custom Dynamics CRM Mobile Apps and RESCO

“We believe that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great product and an amazing development platform. We've customized it further than many think possible. But in my opinion, the free, CRM mobile client is still lacking. So if the free mobile client doesn't meet the needs of the customer, what do we recommend? That's a no-brainer for us — RESCO. ”

By Barkley Busby, BSolutions

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Do Mobile CRM Right

“Resco is ridiculously easy to install and configure for most CRM’ers without the need for additional training, though it has to be said the downloadable PDF material can walk you through most configuration tasks step by step. ”

By Kristin McLaughlan, FieldBoss

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Mobile Options — xRM Product Demonstration (Video)

“It also supports offline HTML. You can effectively customize the whole solution. Which is very, very nice. So there are a lot of nice features in the app. ”

By Joel Abbott, xRM Consultant (UK) Ltd

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Resco Mobile — CRM At Your Fingertips

“With today's market moving toward a mobile work environment, Resco Mobile strives to make connecting to Microsoft Dynamics CRM as easy as picking up your phone and making a phone call.”

By Dale Laushman, NexusTek

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Access Microsoft Dynamics CRM from an Android tablet

“Resco Mobile CRM is a polished, professional, and well-crafted app. Its performance (when connecting to my Microsoft Dynamics CRM trial site from my Nexus 10 tablet running Android 4.2.2) was fast, even over public Wi-Fi.”

By Will Kelly in Tablets in the Enterprise

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Resco javascript development — be careful of variable names

“Today I thought I was missing some vital part of how to parse the data, turned out I was addressing the fields incorrectly, so I thought I'd share it with you in case you ever got into the same spot. ”

By Gustaf Westerlund, CRM-Konsulterna AB

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