Who’s who at resco.next – The Technical Track strikes back

Come to the Technical Track, we have cookies!
Well, maybe not literally. However, our speakers at resco.next’s Technical Track will show you the sweetest things happening right now in the CRM galaxy not so far away.
You want to know if iOS or Android is the system for your custom Resco Mobile CRM project? To learn about form rules, row scripts and sync filters? Or create a custom connector between Resco CRM and a SQL-based system?
Whether you’ve just started or are a long-time Resco Mobile CRM and Resco CRM user, we have the technical sessions exactly for you.
We have divided them into the Beginner and Advanced Track, so you can choose the sessions corresponding with the level of your skills and experience.
These are the resco.next speakers that are longing to share their wisdom about the technical aspects of our CRM solutions.
Martin Rosko, Resco CRM Technical Specialist (Resco)  speaker-MartinRosko-bw Hosting 5 technical sessions at resco.next, the CRM is strong with this one. Martin will show you the basics of tailoring Resco CRM to your needs in Customizing Resco CRM project, part 1 and take you even further in part 2. During Importing data into Resco CRM, he will uncover many paths to do so. He will even build a custom connector to a SQL based solution throughout Connecting Resco CRM with 3rd party solutions and share The Story of resco.next app.
speaker-LukasLeskoLukas Lesko, Support Manager (Resco)
Dealing with partners’ and customers’ issues on a daily basis, Lukas will explain how to run Resco Mobile CRM seamlessly in Install, troubleshoot and optimize your mobile CRM to deliver the best mobile experience. He will guide you through the features of our customizing tool, presenting Woodford 101. And also answer The dreaded question: How secure is Resco Mobile CRM? So the words “I have a bad feeling about this” won’t cross your mind ever again.
speaker-JurajMojikJuraj Mojik, Resco Mobile CRM Technical Specialist (Resco)
Teaming up with Miro Pomsar, he will give you An exclusive walkthrough of newly added capabilities coming within the Resco Mobile CRM summer update. His A to Z of portable business logic session will be just as full of useful insights as are the trainings and webinars he prepares for you throughout the entire year.
speaker-MiroPomsarMiro Pomsar, Resco Mobile CRM Solution Architect (Resco)
After presenting the brand new features with Juraj Mojik, Miro will unravel the complex subject that is the synchronization engine of Resco Mobile CRM. Join him for Synchronization secrets: What we didn’t tell you session and explore the twists and turns that may occur in the process.
speaker-DavidDolhyDavid Dolhy, Project Manager (Resco)
To successfully grow your company, the access to CRM data by clients, partners or volunteers has become a necessity. And nobody understands it better than an experienced project manager. Hence, David’s Mobile Apps – mobilize your external workforce with ease will demonstrate how easily you can achieve just that. Whoever your external users might be, wherever they are.
speaker-BarboraPiatrovaBarbora Piatrova, Content Strategist (Resco)
Want to go mobile, but still wonder which operating system is the one for your project? Barbora will be your guide in the ever-changing mobile environment. Covering iOS, Android and Windows Phone, she will have a look at the latest technologies, devices and trends in her Let’s talk mobility: Explore the mobile landscape of today and tomorrow session.
You can meet all of them at resco.next in 2016.
May the mobile CRM be with you.

resco.next 2015 is over

However, you can pre-register for the upcoming edition which will take place in Munich (EU) and Philadelphia (US) in autumn 2016. Find out all the latest details at the official conference website www.resco.net/next.

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