How low code platforms make digital transformation easier

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Read the story of Kate, an administration manager at an elevator service company that went through digital transformation. 

Many companies still rely on paper documents. They know all too well that paper is not effective, and the process is frustrating. However, digitization is daunting.  

Managers fear digitization will be time-consuming and expensive, requiring frequent maintenance. They also fear slow adoption rates that prolong the process.  

The good news is that digital transformation is becoming less demanding with the advent of low-code platforms. 

Digital transformation changes (work) lives  

In recent years, companies are increasingly choosing to build on Microsoft Power Platform. This platform cuts costs and development time with low-code tools. We at Resco make building on Power Platform even easier with our Power Solutions that enhance the core Power Platform experience. With tools like this, the decision to digitize becomes much less distressing. 

To show you how technology for business applications can change lives, let us introduce you to Kate, an admin manager. Observe her day-to-day work before and after the elevator service company she works for went through multiple steps of digital transformation. 

Love watching more than reading? Watch Ludovit Bobula, Product Manager at Resco tell Kate’s story. 

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It’s hard to keep track of paper documents 

Kate’s job is to keep all the inspection questionnaires in the company up to date and available for technicians in the field.  

Whenever there is an update, she needs to make sure all the inspectors are using the latest version.  

Despite Kate’s efforts, many technicians do not use the updated questionnaires; when they do, many still use the old questionnaire paper sheets. After completing a job, they must file job records with Kate, yet they often do not. This is obviously frustrating for Kate.  

Seeing Kate struggle, the company decides that digitizing the entire process will be a good idea. 

For business technology people like us at Resco, this is an exciting day. Now our technology can help someone make their work better. 

Managing changes to the questionnaires 

Kate’s company found an implementation partner. They recommended digitizing the questionnaires using Power Platform.  

In Kate’s field, the legislation often changes. This makes it necessary to make changes to many of the questionnaires at once. The implementation partner needed to ensure that Kate can access and change the documents on her own, without needing to reach out to an administrator or consultant with every single request. 

This is why they chose Resco Forms+. This solution allows business users to design their questionnaires in a drag and drop interface. Whenever Kate wants to make a change, she opens the Questionnaire Designer, changes the questions, publishes her changes and all the technicians have access to the updated document instantly on their mobile devices. 

The implementation took a couple of months. The adoption was quick – thanks to Resco Forms+, the digital questionnaires are easy to work with for the field technicians and they can use them on any mobile device.

Resco Forms+ has helped Kate to keep all the company’s elevator inspection forms updated and organized in one place. If she needs something more advanced, she can ask the partner to set it up. 

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Generating inspection summaries, contracts, and invoices 

Now that Kate has the most tedious work process sorted out, she can look at other types of paperwork that pass through her hands – namely service reports, contracts, and invoices. 

She needs to go through collected data, complete what is missing and manually create all these documents. To do it, she copies information from various sources and pastes them into a Word template. She then emails the document to a client or stores it in a folder.  

That is the old system, and many people still use it. But digitization with a good implementation partner can offer a much more comfortable and efficient system.  

Kate’s implementation partner recommended using Resco Docs+. This solution automates document generation and delivery in Power Platform. 

Kate can design her invoices, contracts, and reports, and set up Power Automate to fill them with data from Dataverse. She can then set up the PDFs to be generated, saved and/or sent to any place she chooses. 

For example, she can design a finished work order report, and then have it automatically generated every month and sent to her and her department leader. Resco Docs+ on Power Platform saves Kate time and effort spent on repetitive, tedious tasks. 

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Providing guidance for technicians where and when they need it 

The final problem Kate deals with is sharing knowledge between inspectors. As in many organizations they use Words, PDFs, and Share Point.  

Kate, as the administrator, is responsible for keeping these documents updated, yet she is not out in the field. If something changes, she might not know about it. 

The implementation partner suggested using Resco Steps+ on Power Platform. With this solution, Kate can build a knowledge library with step-by-step instruction guides. She can enhance the text with images and videos and make the guides available on frontline worker mobile devices. Thanks to the digital guides, Kate has been able to lower error rate and speed up onboarding.

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Everything in one ecosystem 

Resco Power Solutions are ideal for a company like Kate’s – one that has both office and frontline workers and needs the documents, inspection forms, invoices, and training materials to be available in a reliable and accessible system. 

Kate can now incorporate any changes and legal requirements without having to wait. Although she is not a developer, she can use no-code tools to set everything up. And if she has advanced requests, she can always reach out to her implementation partner.  

These are just the first steps in digital transformation. Imagine how many more ways there are to cut the tedious tasks and concentrate on ideas with real impact. Taking these first steps in digitizing workflows allows a company like Kate’s to harness the power of AI. By feeding it with relevant data, Kate and her co-workers will get insights they can use to make strategic decisions.  

Everyone’s workday is a bit better, thanks to well-performing technology.  

This is the kind of thing that makes us happy at Resco.  

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