How can one solution fit all industries and company sizes? 


Stanislav Beres has been talking to companies of all sizes and industries for more than five years, helping them find a solution to their mobility needs. Matching their requirements with Resco’s capabilities has never been an issue for him.

What makes Resco Mobile App Development Toolkit so versatile? Read on as he explains the key elements that make the Resco mobile app a highly effective solution for both medium-sized companies and large corporations with thousands of mobile users.  

What makes Resco Mobile App Development Toolkit so flexible? 

Stanislav suggests that Resco’s no-code customization options, seamless integration capabilities, and robust synchronization features make the product exceptionally adaptable to a wide range of customers in various fields. 

He underscores that Resco’s customization features empower people to tailor the app to their company’s unique needs even without deep technical expertise, making configuration fast and flexible.

Smooth integration enables bigger organizations to incorporate the app into their existing tech ecosystems effortlessly. Moreover, the sturdy synchronization ensures that data is always up to date, supporting productivity in various sectors and fields. 

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Powering the Microsoft ecosystem and more 

A Resco app can comfortably connect to Microsoft Business Applications. Given the native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, most customers utilize Resco alongside Dynamics. It can be also used with the Power Platform and Dataverse. 

Who uses it in real life? Everyone from manufacturing to sales 

Stanislav draws attention to the fact that the Dynamic Questionnaires in the Resco app empower users to gather diverse data types across various field scenarios. One such scenario is within the manufacturing sector, where clients require inventory tracking and quality control. The app can also be used by customers from the utility industry who need to oversee and coordinate their infrastructure.  

“Salespeople who need to access and update customer data in the field can also benefit from Resco technology to optimize their work and gain efficiency,” describes Stanislav.

Furthermore, the Resco app’s versatility extends to healthcare companies and different governmental institutions. Enhance your field operations using digital forms, workflows, and reports.

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Stanislav Beres Resco Business Development Manager Benelux

Stanislav Beres

Stanislav Beres, a seasoned Business Development Manager for the Benelux region, has more than five years of experience with successfully understanding the business cases of companies of all sizes and industries. His consultative sales approach has resulted in a track record of many satisfied clients and valued partners.