6 reasons to transition to Resco Field Service 2.0 for D365

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Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app) will soon be discontinued. As a customer, you currently have two options: rebuild your project from scratch using the new D365 app or continue using your current mobile setup by transitioning to Resco Field Service 2.0 for D365.

Still haven’t decided which option is the right one for you? First, let’s take a look at what you need to consider before deciding.

1. Customizability

Probably the most important thing is verifying if the solution you chose works for your use case. Resco can be customized to fit various use cases including asset maintenance, preventive maintenance, incident and risk management, remote assistance, workflow automation and many more.

2. Mobility

Resco is a mobile-first platform. If your employees work frequently in the field and their primary work device is a tablet or a mobile phone, Resco is the right choice. The app can be rapidly configured, and it is suitable even for technicians that work with more than 10 000 records per entity on their mobile device.

first table comparing resco field service 2.0 and Microsoft

3. Offline capabilities

Depending on your specific use case, another important thing is if the solution has offline capabilities. Those are especially useful if your workers often work in remote areas or areas with no internet connection. Before deciding which app to use, it’s best to verify how offline works for your use case.

Resco is known for its industry-leading offline mobility. We don’t treat it as an add-on, but as a priority. For us, top-notch offline that satisfies even the most demanding customers is a must. Resco Field Service 2.0 for D365 is suitable for smaller organizations as well as big enterprises that need a software that helps them manage customer relationships, assets, plan, and track resources offline. And no worries, you won’t lose your current mobile project setup.

second table comparing resco field service 2.0 and Microsoft

4. Features

While using Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app), you might have gotten used to features such as automatic syncing, remote device lock, sync and wipe or wearables support. On top of that, if you choose to transition to Resco Field Service 2.0 for D365, you will get access to the advanced Resco Inspections feature. It is especially useful thanks to its many perks such as template export/import, the option to create questionnaires within minutes, import media into your questionnaires, legally binding signatures support, form creation and digitization of paper forms, and many more.

third table comparing resco field service 2.0 and Microsoft

5. Fear of change

Field service technicians are already used to the Resco app, and they know how to operate it properly. Thanks to this, you can fully focus on your business instead of having to deal with your employee’s fear of change. Technicians will be more motivated and satisfied if they won’t have to spend extra time on learning how to use a new app – instead, they can maintain their work-life balance.

6. Savings

There are no significant changes for customers that switch from Field Service Mobile (Xamarin app) to Resco Field Service 2.0 for D365. The base of the technology is still Resco and the architecture is the same, the only difference is in the name of the mobile app you are using.

Thanks to this, you can achieve significant savings if you decide to switch to Resco, as you won’t need to spend money on introducing a new solution to your organization. This means no costs connected to customization, maintenance, adapting your businesses processes, testing the new app’s functionality, retraining your employees how to use it and so on.

Consult the transition with us to find out more about how you can benefit from Resco Field Service 2.0 for D365.