Build end-to-end mobile business solutions faster with Power Platform and Resco [short summary from a masterclass webinar]

Power Platform masterclass vol. 2

Learn hands-on how to build mobile apps for field workers using Resco and Power Platform. We will guide you through installing, customizing, deploying, and improving the solution and measuring the impact in a series of three 1-hour on-demand webinars with live Q&A sessions. 

In this workshop centered around a common business case, our Success team will guide you through the journey of a fictional company Z.A.P. Energy Cleaning.  

Z.A.P. Energy Cleaning uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 as its CRM. However, it has digitization requirements that go beyond a CRM solution and they’re looking for a way to grow on Power Platform. 

Through the Z.A.P. Energy Cleaning story, we will show you how you can use the same Resco tools you know and love for CRM on Power Platform to cover a wide range of business challenges. 

Our Success team will demonstrate: 

  • Setting up Resco Inspections+ for non-CRM use cases 
  • Building a solution for performing health & safety procedures and vehicle inspections, using templates and adjusting them to fit the use case 
  • Measuring the impact of the collected data with Fabric and Power BI   
Z.A.P. Energy Cleaning logo transparent background

Z.A.P. Energy Cleaning is a fictional industrial cleaning leader with 80% of their workforce serving outside the office in roles such as drivers and inspectors. The company wants to consolidate multiple point solutions and pen-and-paper processes for health & safety and vehicle inspections into one business application with a strong long-term perspective. 

After completing the training, attendees will have a solid grasp of how to rapidly deploy an end-to-end mobile solution using Resco and Power Platform that helps make their non-CRM teams more productive in the field. 

Day 1: Setting up the mobile app  

Get to know the business case of Z.A.P. Energy Cleaning, a fictional industrial cleaning leader with a need to digitize non-CRM processes and teams. 

  • Intro to Resco on Power Platform and the business challenge 
  • Showcase of the final solution with screenshots and solution architecture 
  • Setting up Resco Inspections+ for Power Platform 
  • Setup of Resco mobile app  

Presenters: Nicholas Boxall, Knowledge Specialist, and Lukas Lesko, Support and Education Manager 

Duration: 1 hour (including Q&A) 

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Day 2: Inspections solution low-code customization 

Dive deep into the process of customizing Resco Inspections+ through the lens of the Z.A.P. Energy Cleaning business case, see the mobile app in action, and discover how the solution achieves the business requirements. 

  • Creating Health and Safety Assessment and Vehicle Inspections 
  • Using advanced features: data mapping, OCR, tagged images 
  • Showcase of scheduling and timesheets 
  • Customizing the solution, including setting up rules 
  • Backend work with Inspections data 

Presenters: Marek Ferenc, IT Support Specialist, and Lukas Lesko, Support and Education Manager 

Duration: 1 hour (including Q&A) 

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Day 3: Fabric integration and data visualization in Power BI 

Join us for the final part of the Power Platform Masterclass, where we bring the data story full circle. In this session, we’ll delve into the data collected by Z.A.P. Energy Cleaning, through questionnaires discussed in our previous session. We’ll demonstrate the end-to-end process of data handling – from offloading and optimizing storage in Fabric to generating insights in Power BI.  

We will discuss the potential future impact of Fabric, including the cost of data storage and the possibility of reducing the data footprint. Then, we will look at the data processing in Notebooks and finally build a simple report. We will cover: 

  • Best practices for working with big data 
  • Using Fabric to prepare the data for analysis 
  • Building a report with Power BI 

Presenters: Marek Rodak, Knowledge Specialist, and Matej Vanik, Developer 

Duration: 1 hour (including Q&A) 

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