Five takeaways from Andrew Lorraine’s keynote at Resco Next 2024

keynote takeways

It was great to host this year’s Resco Next in Vienna and discuss the direction our industry is taking with our fellow enterprise app professionals.  

Attendees were welcomed by Andrew Lorraine, who introduced key insights, opportunities and trends shaping our space. If you did not make it to Vienna this year, read this blog to get the main takeaways from his keynote.   

Only one-third of frontline professionals have sufficient apps for work

Frontline professionals are not experiencing productivity gains at the same rate as other sectors. Only about a third are satisfied with their tech tools and applications. If you dig into it, you will find that productivity for frontline workers is more than just efficiency and technology.  

Listen to Andrew present Resco’s revamped portfolio

“There’s a human factor that matters when you’re trying to help people become more productive, and it’s their experience with technology. Companies that understand this and prioritize and invest in their frontline technology end up being more productive,“ said Andrew.  

When frontline workers are provided with technological tools to support them in performing their jobs, productivity is estimated to increase on average by 22%, with an overall bottom-line growth of more than 20%.  

Mobile Solutions for verticals are a great opportunity for partners  

Given the significant gap in sufficient productivity tools for frontline workers, Resco’s solutions offer an important opportunity for partners. Resco provides the necessary tools to enhance frontline productivity and drive financial growth.

Both the Mobile App Development Toolkit and the Mobile Solutions are tools for partners to build their own industry verticals and build new income streams.   

The pre-built white-label solutions for property and energy industries can be used as a base for partners’ own solutions. “They come with a model-driven Power App that’s enhanced with Resco tools. This allows organizations or partners to take advantage of the great capabilities and innovations on the Power Platform,“ said Andrew.  

Andrew Lorraine presenting the theme of the conference: Productivity Unleashed

Some partners have already been successful in creating a strong income stream based on our solutions. Read more about Johnathan Taub and his FIELDBOSS solution for HVAC companies or Tom Moortgat’s Fearless Leader solution for pharma sales.  

We have added a new solution to our offering, Resco Property+, which allows users to schedule visits, inspect properties, gather data, report, and analyze field data.  

Power Platform is the next space for frontline enterprise apps and AI innovation 

Power Platform has evolved into a strategic tool for building enterprise apps, gaining interest from Resco Next attendees. From 100 of the enterprise app professionals asked, two-thirds of them expect to develop most of their apps on the Power Platform by 2025.* 

We are excited to contribute our expertise to it. “Thanks to our experience and the 1.2 million lines of code we have written for mobile CRM apps, we can add value to partners and customers building apps on it,” said Andrew.  

April Dunnam from Microsoft

During the keynote, Andrew was joined on stage by Microsoft’s Principal Cloud Advocate, April Dunnam, who spoke more in-depth about how Power Platform can significantly decrease the time it takes to build a solution. She invited ISVs to contribute their expertise to the platform.  

“We really need ISVs in the Power Platform space to innovate and specialize. There are going to be gaps in the product where we need to be able to extend the out-of-the-box experiences, and that’s where ISVs are strategically placed to help,” said April. 

Resco Power Solutions enable partners to build faster 

Following April Dunnam’s insights about the growing opportunities on Power Platform, Resco is proud to be an early adopter of this innovative space. We offer Power Solutions and Power Components to help partners build business solutions more quickly and with less maintenance. 

Resco’s Power Solutions provide a comprehensive framework that includes essential functionalities for data collection or document generation, allowing app makers to focus on tailoring their applications to specific business needs without starting from scratch. This not only accelerates the development process but also ensures consistency and reliability. 

Our Power Components are pre-built modules that can be easily integrated into apps, offering capabilities such as image gallery, Kanban board, tree view, or file upload. These components reduce the development effort and time significantly, enabling partners to deliver robust solutions faster. 

A new class of software solutions  

We encourage our partners to leverage the full suite of Microsoft Business Applications and Resco technology to provide users with a great experience and seize opportunities.  

“We want to create a new class of software solutions for frontline workers and supply the booming market out there, and an opportunity for all of us,” said Andrew Lorraine.  

Curious to see how it all develops? Let’s talk about it in 2025 at the next Resco Next.  

Watch the full keynote

Watch the full keynote on our YouTube channel