Sessions and speakers: What’s in store for app makers and users at Resco Next 2024?

Agenda preview Resco Next 2024

We’re thrilled to share more details about the agenda for Resco Next 2024. Discover the conference’s main themes and join us in Vienna, Austria on June 4-5 for the 10th anniversary of this can’t-miss community event.

The rate of change for technology is having drastic impacts on business and IT. And it’s causing a radical shift in how we think about productivity – from implementations and billables to strategic partnerships and results. 

That’s why the theme for Resco Next 2024 is productivity unleashed

How can app makers be more productive with less code? 

How can frontline workers be more productive through a better UX?  

Join the Resco Community in Vienna to learn, collaborate, and chart a path towards a more productive future for your business. 

Better outcomes for frontline workers 

Despite their critical role, frontline workers often fall behind in terms of digital investments and their experience with technology – ultimately limiting how productive they can be. 

Game-changing sync and performance innovations

Come learn how Resco is addressing these challenges by driving major improvements to our Resco Mobile App Development Toolkit, including game-changing sync and performance innovations, a revamped UI and UX for our users, and our long-term vision for an engaged, productive mobile workforce. 

Dedicated non-profit sessions

For the first time this year, we are featuring dedicated sessions about non-profits. Alex Mouratchanidis will speak about the impact that HIAS, a non-profit organization focused on providing aid to refugees, was able to achieve by partnering with Resco. 

We are also excited to host Lisa Crosbie, a technology evangelist with robust expertise in Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft Power Platform, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. In her session on “Practical AI Tools for Nonprofit” she will explore AI tools for fundraising and supporter engagement.

New: Industry-specific applications

We’ll also be introducing an exciting way for Partners to channel their know-how towards bringing in new business. Come get inspired by Resco Solutions, industry-specific applications that leverage the best of Resco Mobile and the Power Platform and help organizations rapidly digitize their field operations. 

Productivity unleashed with Microsoft Power Platform and Copilot 

Thanks to its leading AI, Copilot and low-code development capabilities, organizations around the globe are turning to the Power Platform to improve their processes and stand out amongst the competition. 

Resco introduced our first set of solutions for the Power Platform last fall at Resco Next 2023. And this year will be no different. At Resco Next 2024, we’ll be launching a brand-new set of tools that help App Makers become instantly more productive on the Power Platform. Don’t miss the opportunity to get early access.

We’ll also be joined by a leading group of Microsoft MVPs and enterprise app development experts to help attendees become more effective at delivering impactful solutions: 

  • Daniel Laskewitz will teach us everything about building, expanding, and deploying Copilots in your solutions to accelerate productivity. 
  • Vivian Voss will expand on the AI topic by showing us how to utilize Copilot for sales and guide us through integrating it with Office 365. 
  • Yannick Reekmans will take the stage to speak about the evolving role of a Solution Architect in the ever-expanding Microsoft cloud ecosystem.  
  • And Antti Pajunen will share guidance on app development and governance on the Power Platform.   

Don’t miss it!

We are also excited to welcome April Dunnam, Principal Cloud Advocate for the Power Platform, to Vienna as our distinguished speaker. 

Most speakers and sessions will take place during the two main conference days on June 4 –5. The day before the conference (June 3) is dedicated to consultation sessions and an exclusive sales workshop by Rick McCutcheon.  

Introducing Tech Deep Dive Day for developers 

This year, we’re adding something special to Resco Next – five in-depth technical sessions crafted by Resco CTO Tomas Michalek and our team of developers for the pro-code crowd. 

These hands-on sessions will take place in our Bratislava office one day before the conference, and they’re oriented towards helping developers and technically-skilled consultants code more productively. You can look forward to the following topics:  

  • Supporting multi-platform apps with .NET  
  • Writing JS for JS Bridge (best practices) 
  • Context awareness in your apps (location-based services) 
  • Advancements in Sync: employing the TDS Dataverse reader 

Make sure you don’t miss the last one! We’ve innovated our world-class sync engine to deliver up to a six-times faster performance, saving frontline workers some serious time on the job. 

Note: Tech Deep Dive Day will take place on June 3, 2024, in our Bratislava HQ. Contact your Business Development Manager or our team at events@resco.net to claim your spot.

Partner Workshop: Upskill your B2B sales tactics 

All attendees are invited to sign up for a Partner Development Workshop hosted by Rick McCutcheon in our Bratislava HQ. Rick will give us an overview of the enterprise mobility market, introduce us to today’s technology buyers, and teach us how to ask the right questions to uncover opportunities.

Rick is a 10-time Microsoft MVP with over 25 years of experience in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem working with ISVs and Partners to improve their sales methodology.

Note: the Partner Workshop will take place on June 3, 2024, in our Bratislava HQ. You can sign up for the workshop on the registration page.

Don’t miss Consultation Day!  

Looking for one-on-one time with the Resco team to consult your project or pursue a new idea? Book your slot and work with an expert group of technical and business stakeholders.  
Note: Consultation Day will take place on June 3, 2024, in our Bratislava HQ. Contact your Business Development Manager or our team at events@resco.net to claim your spot.  


The agenda for Resco Next is filling up, as are our free attendance spots. Contact your Business Development Manager or our team at events@resco.net to claim your spot.