What’s new in our product portfolio and how can it benefit your business? Come and see at Resco Next 

Next speakers Andrew Lorraine April Dunnam

Our community conference, Resco Next, is set to take place in less than a month – on June 4-5. You can expect a robust lineup of expert Resco speakers who will showcase the latest innovations across our entire product portfolio.  

Secure your spot to view presentations, engage in discussions, and join our mission to make enterprise development both profitable and sustainable. 

Keynote: Productivity unleashed 

Resco CEO Andrew Lorraine and April Dunnam, Principal Cloud Advocate for the Power Platform, will kick off Resco Next with a keynote on this year’s theme: Productivity unleased.  

Photo of Andrew Lorraine
Andrew Lorraine

The rapid pace of technological change is dramatically impacting business and IT. The result is a radical shift in how we think about productivity – from implementations, development, and billable hours to partnerships, no-code, and results. 

Photo of April Dunnam
April Dunnam

Join us to learn how we are addressing these challenges and supporting our partners and customers by expanding our alliance with Microsoft. We’re delivering new products across the Power Platform in addition to continued investments in our flagship Resco Mobile product. 

Roadmap: Key product achievements and future focus 

Eduard Kesely, Head of Product, and Tomas Michalek, CTO, will join forces to present our roadmap from both a product and technical perspective. 

Photo of Eduard Kesely
Eduard Kesely

Since the last Resco Next in October, we have made significant advancements in UX/UI, productivity, and AI integrations. Now, we are laying the groundwork for future innovations in enterprise mobility and productivity solutions.  

Photo of Tomas Michalek
Tomas Michalek

We will reveal our roadmap plans, which aim to make our flagship functionality more interoperable, enhance productivity with Power Components and shine a spotlight on our renowned mobile app. 

Mobile Development Toolkit: Breakthrough in sync 

Organizations with a frontline workforce need an app that guarantees speed and responsiveness under any conditions. Our Mobile Development Toolkit allows for building enterprise mobile apps on Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Dataverse with an offline mode, thanks to a sync engine that keeps data accessible on the go. 

Photo of Matej Vanik
Matej Vanik

Watch our software developer, Matej Vanik, as he introduces a new generation of our sync engine, designed for even faster and more seamless data synchronization. Explore the pros and cons of connecting via WebAPI versus the new TDS endpoint, shedding light on the effectiveness of each approach. 

Mobile Solutions: built for industry verticals and use cases 

The Resco Mobile Development Toolkit is utilized not only for building complex mobile applications for individual clients but also across entire industry verticals. We are taking this approach a step further, giving you an edge when deploying solutions for specific industries. 

Photo of Trevor Metcalfe
Trevor Metcalfe

Join Trevor Metcalfe, Marketing Manager, as he demonstrates how our new approach empowers you to create industry vertical and use-case specific solutions. Experience our latest innovation in action, with a walkthrough of Resco Property Solution by Dusan Polach, Consultant. 

Dusan Polach
Dusan Polach

Power Components: Unleashing productivity on Power Platform

At last year’s Resco Next, we sparked considerable interest with the launch of our new Power Solutions. This year, we are taking productivity on Power Platform a step further with Power Components.  

Resco Power Components for the Power Platform are designed to empower app creators—consultants, developers, and solution architects—who craft both model-driven and canvas business apps for their clients. These components expand their toolkit and simplify no-code app development, making it faster and more efficient. 

Ben Vollmer
Ben Vollmer

Join Ben Vollmer, Strategic Advisor, and Michal Magnusek, Senior Product Manager, as they unveil first batch of Power Components. Discover how these components can speed up project delivery, save costs on developer hours and custom coding, and guarantee security, quality, and future compatibility of code.

Photo of Michal Magnusek
Michal Magnusek

Interested in taking part? There is still time to book your spot. Registrations close on May 23 — don’t miss out.  Contact your Business Development Manager or our team at events@resco.net to claim your spot.