How focusing on value led us to productivity 

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Read how our CEO expanded his understanding of ‘value’ and made it central to Resco’s future. 

Every business around the globe aspires to deliver value to its customers. At the most basic level, this means meeting customer expectations. Does our product work? Is it reliable? Does it fulfill its purpose? 

But beyond these basics, the best businesses measure and deliver what their customers want across a wider range of needs. They ask themselves questions like: do our products help our customers achieve their larger objectives? Do our customers feel great when they use them? 

Recognizing what matters to the people we serve 

When I started at Resco, my understanding of value was as simple as could be. I owe a large part of my personal development to obtaining a broader, more meaningful understanding of value. 

I used to think value meant discovering the right price for Mobile CRM licenses. When I started my career on the Resco sales team, I thought that if we met the basic functional requirements of our customers, the only remaining priority had to be securing a win-win price for Resco subscriptions. In most of my pursuits, I followed the same pattern of confirming our offline support for Dynamics 365 and listing off product features before going right to the price negotiations. Sure, I closed some deals, but I missed a big opportunity to understand the broader needs of our customers and what they truly value. 

More than “table stakes” 

Thankfully my perspective evolved as my role shifted towards serving our tremendous partners. I quickly learned that meeting basic requirements and having competitive pricing were “table stakes” value—a given part of doing business together. And that we had to aspire for more. 

Jonathan Taub was one of my mentors who helped me understand the bigger picture around value. He’s the president of FIELDBOSS, one of the top Resco partners and the recipient of our 2023 Global Partner of the Year Award. 

Thanks to Jonathan, my thinking about value expanded as we worked on growing the Fieldboss-Resco partnership. Throughout our frequent talks, I was able to improve my understanding of functional value—the kind of business impacts we can achieve for our customers through a Resco app—along with opening my eyes to operational and relationship value—improving the bottom line of our partner’s business and making it fulfilling to work together at the human level.  

It’s been awesome to see Johnathan and the entire FIELDBOSS team succeed with Resco and Microsoft in the elevator and HVAC space.  

In my current role as Resco CEO, I’ve come to embrace an even bigger perspective on value creation and delivery. My focus has expanded to topics like stability, community, exchanging know-how, aesthetics, UX, innovation, industry reputation, and social responsibility, helping me develop a nuanced understanding of what matters most to our customers and steering our organization towards achieving it. 

Supporting higher productivity with better technology 

At Resco Next 2024, we’ll be focusing on the value we aspire to create by helping our customers become more productive. In an era of rapid change, enabling productivity is the ultimate service we can provide – allowing our customers to become more efficient through simpler enterprise app development and better frontline worker experiences. 

Value has always been deeply ingrained in Resco’s DNA. But we also recognize that customer needs evolve over time, and so does what they value. This evolution is reflected in the things that we do moving forward, like continuous improvements to our sync, an overhauled onboarding experience, and sharing more valuable insights about the future of enterprise applications.  

Resco Next 2024 offers the best chance to participate in this valuable exchange with us – make sure to reserve your spot soon!  

As we continue this journey, it’s not just about meeting expectations; it’s about exceeding them by recognizing and valuing what truly matters to those we serve. 

Written by:  

Andrew Lorraine

Andrew leads Resco’s mission to help make CRM and low-code / no-code users instantly more productive. As CEO, he focuses on building teams and partnerships that can deliver technology solutions for our era’s key frontline workforce challenges.