Release preview: Test the final release candidate for Resco 17.1 Update


The final preview of the upcoming Resco release has been published. See and test the new features coming to your solutions.

As we approach the full release of Resco’s next update at the end of May 2024, we encourage you to test these new features and provide early feedback to ensure a seamless integration into your production environment.

Let’s dive into what’s new.

Mobile Development Toolkit

Enhanced View Designer in Woodford

The new View Designer boasts a modernized interface, making it easier to configure and manage your views.

Plus, you can now see all rows at once, simplifying workflow. Create flexible layouts with fields that automatically resize based on available space, improving readability on any device. You can learn more about this functionality in the explanation blog.

What the row setting looks like in View Editor: all cells have responsiveness set.
What the row setting looks like in View Editor: all cells have responsiveness set.

Also, map pins customization has been streamlined for better visual representation of your data points.

Location tracking with geofencing

Stay informed when the field workers enter or leave designated areas (offices, service locations, etc.).

Mobile notification from the geofencing functionality in Resco

Works reliably across devices with minimal battery drain and strong privacy controls.

Setup of the geofencing feature in Resco Woodford

Identify used fields in Woodford (Preview)

This new tool helps you optimize your synchronization by identifying which fields are used on mobile devices.

Checking where are the individual fields used in Resco Woodford

RFID scanning for iOS mobile apps (Zebra Technologies)

You can now connect to Zebra RFD4031 RFID scanners via Bluetooth for streamlined data collection.

Faster Woodford for Dataverse and Salesforce

Experience quicker download times for metadata-heavy actions, like opening an app project or filter editor, in Woodford and Report designer.

Mobile and Power Solutions

Faster data entry with OCR in forms

You can now use OCR to populate text fields on forms.

Capture a photo or open an image and populate form fields automatically, saving time and effort.

Streamlined image handling in Power Apps questionnaires

Work with images more efficiently using tagged images and image galleries.

Scan QR codes in Power Apps questionnaires

Leverage QR codes to answer questions within Power Apps questionnaires, boosting user experience.

Inspections and questionnaires

Mark mandatory questions

Easily identify required questions with an asterisk symbol.

Support for zero instances in repeatable groups

Create questionnaires with optional repeatable sections.

Define score ranges for groups

Set score ranges and labels for group results, providing clearer insights.

Improved questionnaire integrity check

Detect incompleteness and don’t allow user to work with incomplete templates or questionnaires.

New announcements

Power components (New product)

Introducing a new product – Resco Power Components for the Power Platform.

Available in June, these code components empower app makers to customize and extend their Power Platform applications. You can read the full announcement here.

New product alert Resco Power Components

The initial preview will include a Kanban board, image gallery component, and configurable calendar picker.

Guides for Salesforce

With the latest preview, Guides are now available also for Salesforce users, enabling you to manage and organize knowledge across organization.

For more detailed information and full list of the upcoming features, please refer to the developer release notes.

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