Rapid innovation for mobile workers: Announcing Resco integration with MS Power Platform & Dataverse

Resco integration with Microsoft Power Platform and Dataverse

For over a decade, Resco has been providing leading mobile solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, helping thousands of companies and frontline workers transform the way they operate and interact with their customers.

And now, we are taking this commitment a step further yet again.

All our partners and customers can now use Resco technology with Microsoft Dataverse & Power Platform to build business solutions combining powerful app development, automation, and analytics tools with Resco’s advanced mobility.

Resco’s DNA is empowering our partners to find effective solutions to a wide range of custom business requirements, no matter the complexity or uniqueness.

And as we continue to witness Microsoft’s strong investment in Power Platform, it was a natural next step to natively integrate Resco Suite into Dataverse, the advanced data management platform evolved from Common Data Service.

Through this integration we want to support our partners across a broader spectrum of use cases and also help them build their own IP on the Power Platform with our full support. This is a step further in enabling rapid and cost-effective business apps development with a strong mobile experience, explains Resco’s CEO Andrew Lorraine.

Let’s take a closer look at the Resco & Dataverse integration and how you can make the best out of it.

New opportunities emerge with Resco on Dataverse & Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform and Dataverse combine a robust suite of low-code/no-code development, data management, automation tools, and analytics.

From small startups to large enterprises, companies use Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI solutions to manage and optimize their operations. All of this, including the solutions for Dynamics 365, is now natively available to our partners integrating Resco mobility.

This combination provides much broader flexibility and options for partners in deciding what technology and in which situations they are going to use.

This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their technology solutions to their specific needs, avoiding the need for a one-size-fits-all approach.

For example, some customers might require Dynamics 365 Sales or Service to power their operations, while for others a Dataverse-based solution is the more suitable and cost-effective solution.

The integration of Resco with Power Platform allows our partners to choose the technology for the clients based on their unique requirements while still guaranteeing an excellent experience for mobile teams, elaborates Andrew.

Andrew Lorraine

Leveraging this full force of Microsoft and Resco technology allows frontline teams to use business solutions conveniently on mobile devices, in challenging conditions, and across a broad range of markets & use cases.

Our mobile-first approach, offline capabilities, synchronization engine, and market-leading data collection and reporting tools ensure that users of Dataverse & Power Platform can access critical data and perform tasks on-the-go.

We know from the experience of our customers already using Resco for Dynamics 365 that this significantly improves their operational efficiency and productivity in the field, outlines Resco’s Head of Product Eduard Kesely.

Eduard Kesely

There are already solutions that have leveraged the combined power of Microsoft Dataverse and Resco.

One of the first partners with running projects is Evidi, a technology innovator and provider of digital transformation solutions from Norway.

Smartly combining Resco’s platform, customization options and offline capabilities with both Microsoft’s technology stack and our own IP, we can help companies optimize their field service and inspections processes and deliver better results for their customers, said CEO of Evidi, Jørn Seglem, in the recent announcement of strategic partnership.

How to get started with Resco & Dataverse

Simply put, the available integration means that Resco’s technology operates on Dataverse and Power Platform the same way it has been on Dynamics 365 solutions such as Field Service or Sales.

You can use all the various tools and modules, including Woodford, Mobile CRM, and our leading inspections, guides, and reports functionality with Microsoft technology.

Some of the main scenarios where combination of Resco mobility with Power Platform and Dataverse bring most value are:

  • Data capture and reporting: Integrating Resco with Dataverse enables collecting and reporting data in mobile scenarios and combining multiple data sources into a single database and tools like Power BI or Resco’s Power Automate Reports tool.
  • Offline access: Reliable offline functionality allows businesses and their teams to work with Power Platform’s solutions in the most demanding field conditions, syncing updates through Dataverse once reconnected.
  • Advanced customization: With Resco on Dataverse it’s possible to meet unique business requirements for mobile experiences even with a small development team or limited budget through no code/low code customization tools like Woodford and our Questionnaire or Report Designers.
  • Fast deployment: The Resco + Dataverse native integration is highly flexible and can be integrated with existing systems in days. With the pre-made components which address data collection, contacts overview, or reporting, business can scale quickly and agilely.

You can explore the possibilities of using Resco with Dataverse by simply importing the Woodford package file into the ‘Solutions’ section of the Power Apps designer.

If you are interested in exploring more about the integration and pricing/licensing options, we encourage you to contact your account manager at Resco or Resco Sales directly.